A Free Game That Blends Hunger Games and Radical Hights

Hi so, radical hights is gone, but one of the things Austin talked about was how he really liked the like game show aspect of it.
Heres the thing, theres a game i played today that does this in a hunger games style feel, and its FREE

Its called Darwin Project.
As you jump in you realize oh, we are actually inmates, theres actual kinda story behind this. And you can see all the drones of rich people etc watching you in the lobby area.
You are dropped into a map but instead of 100 players theres 10.
The game works in a similar Radical fashion: it locks off certain areas after a period of time.
So whats the catch?
Theres crafting, and any interaction with the map or crafting or cutting down trees leaves a trail behind you that players can then come up to and track you down.
Theres footprints, theres snow places that leave snow stuff forgot the word.
You have to make a fire not to be cold, but players can see that fire from far away etc etc.

Its all so interesting, but a really neat part is, theres a single player whos the flying drone that can change things in the game, they can give certain abilities or deabilities to players, or drop nuclear bombs in an entire area. (They can also lock the play areas,idk if this is all the things they can do)

Also whenever you die, you can seemingly transition to spectator mode, and no not pubg like spectator mode, you can fly around freely! And its less confusing to use than the pubg spectator tool. (I dont know if this works in duos i only played solos, its really neat)

The only lacking thing is kinda the combat, its floaty in a weird way but maybe i have to get used to it, there is a parry system where if you both swing you get knocked back. Worth to mention combat is: melee and arrows.
And also the game currently offers only solos and duos
I will probably update this the more i play it, i kinda already have a feeling it might not hold up after a few rounds but we’ll see!

This game is really worth checking out and its free dang it, i hope you or the crew try it out!
(the games around 5.80gb - 6gb for people who have a data limit)


It’s a shame, because a lot of games that come out during a given “genre zeitgeist” end up getting drowned, even if they have their own unique and fun qualities. :confused:


I’ll give it a try but it really worries me that there is a GM type player. It seems like that opens it up for a lot of abuse by that person basically being able to decide to play favorites with one player or decide they really want to see a specific player die.

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For the uninitiated, if you remember the E3 MS presser last year, there was a game that had a loud and annoying announcer dude yelling as some vaguely Hunger Games shit went down. That’s this game, and it’s better than they made it look - especially as you can be the “Games Maker”. I watched Grimmmz play it on Twitch when it first properly came out, and it’s a pretty solid small scale BR game.

It really captures the Hunger Games/Running Man “this is a sport or TV show” feel, too - fans can vote for who’ll win, the GM can buff people or make it worse for them, all in the name of making it more entertaining.

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thats the whole point, that can also happen in hunger games too.
And im not sure how that drone/GM is picked so i dont know the specifics.
But what i do know is other players are strangers to the GM so it really doesnt matter.
I think the GM is like picked by a crowd but im not sure, ill look into it.

There was a really good story on reddit about a director that saw two people grouping up and then helped the single player out by telling them where they were, and that because theyre grouping up in solos, hes gonna help them win. So they locked off the zones, nd basically helped funnel in the teamers into loads of traps that the player set up.