A Game About Queer Girls Who Love Baseball and Each Other

Butterfly Soup is an honest, hilarious visual novel about growing up queer in the Bay.

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I just finished Butterfly Soup last night and really related to it, but in a different way than Danielle. I personally loved the emphasis on Asian-American characters bouncing off one another. I grew up in a very white community as one of the few Asian kids in my school, and my experience was one where I tried desperately to downplay my background in order to fit in. Contrast that with the girls in Butterfly Soup who are out and open about their “foreign” backgrounds. It felt like a different sort of escapist fantasy that teenage Navster desperately needed. Hell, one of the main characters even speaks my family’s language, Tamil! The queer love story was charming, but holy hell, seeing Asian people be Asian as fuck with each other made the game for me.


I have an extremely specific hangup with this game which is just borderline asinine, but the first screenshot of the game I saw was where the narrator explains a noise a character makes by comparing it to a sound from Smash Bros and now my mind can’t think of it without thinking of my time in that toxic af scene.

I’ll play this game eventually (I mean, I bought it already…), just a dumb thing for my brain to get all anxious over.

I’ve started playing this. It’s cute. Though, honestly, cannot relate to “parents force you to study at expense of health” – my parents would have killed me if I did that. Er… you know what I mean.

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Wow I just played this game in one sitting because people were nominating it in the GILM awards threads and my GOTY list is in shambles. I have not laughed out loud that much from a game in a very long time. But apart from that, the characters are all fleshed out such that I really had a sense of where they were all coming from, and could understand their frustrations and fears. Both charming and poignant.


I’ve only played 1/4 of it, but it’s just… incredibly rad? I couldn’t stop laughing, and I love all the characters immediately. Really excited to see the rest!