ALT-CTRL - Creative Control Schemes

With Nintendo’s controller-subverting Labo project coming out in a few days, I thought it would be cool to share our experiences with playing traditional games using non-traditional control interfaces, or the games built around using special hardware.

The odd control scheme I use the most is using a Joycon in my left hand in place of the keyboard when playing first person games on PC. I never grew up with a computer that could play games so the mouse and keyboard setup always felt uncomfortable to me. Mapping the controls to most games takes a little extra time during your first play session, but as someone who hates keyboards when gaming it’s a game changer. I’m better at Overwatch using this combo than I am with a PS4 controller, and I find it way more relaxing to play a narrative heavy game like Oxenfree sitting back with my feet up.

Another good one was when as a kid I realized you could use a Wiimote and Gamecube controller on the same input when playing Virtual Console on the Wii, which turns Starfox 64 into a fun co-op game if you have a Wii Nunchuck and the DK Bongos controller from Donkey Konga. My friend and I played the entire campaign switching off between steering with the Nunchuck and firing shots and dropping bombs with the bongos.

As far as games built around weird controls, Nour is a physics based ramen simulator that you play with a midi drum pad. I’ve been eyeing it ever since I realized there were more controller options than the midi-fighter controller. It’s also beautiful, with noodle physics that make me very hungry.

What are your experiences with bizarre controllers?