American Sign Language (ASL) Resources

I just recently saw the video them. put out for pride of Nyle DiMarco and Chella Man showing queer signs in ASL, and it pushed me to learn ASL to help provide better, more inclusive queer spaces. However, I have been having a bit of trouble finding a reliable resource/resources to learn. Some resources will criticize other sources for incorrect grammar and such, so I thought I’d ask the Waypoint community if y’all had any great resources for learning ASL? Apps, websites, books? Anything helps!

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I don’t know ASL, like, at all, but I downloaded some apps a while ago. One is called “SignSchool” and one is simply called “The ASL App”. I’ve also been told this by several people, but it holds true for pretty much learning any language: talk with people who use it, specifically people who can’t hear! Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’ve heard it takes some time to adjust to it. Still, I’d love to learn it! That’s partially just because I want to learn lots of languages, but also I think it’s a valuable form of communication to have!