Any recs? for a newbee friendly mmo rpg game

I have tried a couple of times to play mmo. They have never really clicked with me, as I often have felt there was a lot grinding in them. And I have felt if you play a grinding game, you could play just games like Diablo. So what I think, I wants in a Mmo

  1. Newbee friendly and a place with people who can forgive people with not super typing and English skill (native Danish speaker)
  2. Roleplay in the foreground
  3. Graphic, not important, as I have played games with ASIC characters only and liked.
  4. Detailed customizing would be nice
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i don’t know that many mmos but i’d say Guild Wars 2 is pretty good in this respect? it’s not as grindy as many mmos (though grind is definitely part of the package to some extent in all games of this genre i think) and it isn’t too difficult to learn how to play decently, at least for the pve aspects of the game. there’s a robust story and good character customization, including the ability to dye your armor to make your character stand out even more. i don’t know much about the roleplaying scene but it seems strong.

the community is not super toxic either in my experience. i’ve only had a few bad experiences throughout almost five years of playing the game on and off.

disclaimer that gw2 is one of my favorite games ever so i’m probably a little biased! you may not like it as much as i do. the base game is free though so you’re free to try it out without making a commitment


MMOs aren’t really my scene, but for people that like them Final Fantasy XIV has both been well received by others and felt very good to play during my free trial. It’s grindy at times, but the classes felt evocative and the setting felt really good for a pretty traditional MMO.

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Final Fantasy XIV sounds brill and I’d probably love it, but God I can’t deal with subscription services. It’s such an odd way of long-term monetization now that much better methods are so well understood. I’d rather just buy the main game then pay again for each major expansion, with a few quid spent here and there on little things like event tickets and the like.

That’s the biggest turn-off for me when it comes to MMOs anyway.

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as a massive FFXIV fan it’s hard to not recommend it but it seems specifically great for the things you’re looking for. it has EU servers and generally the population is more polite than other MMOs (depends server-to-server but, generally speaking). there’s definitely huge potential and communities that dig into the RP stuff in the game and that ties in to the extremely deep personalization you can give your character. even beyond character creation, stuff like guild house and apartment decoration (even chocobo feather dyeing!) is accessible and i always had a blast playing around with the numerous options.

the subscription aspect is generally the only downside i can think of but i’ve more than gotten my money’s worth out of that game over the course of a few years


Subscription might be a downer for you but I think FF14 applies wonderfully well to your numerous criteria.

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