Best Posts of 2017

C’mon in, friends, and settle down by the fire. It’s going to be a cold night–so let’s eat a little something hot, and stay warm by sharing our favorite forum posts from the year that was…

  1. @ChefLuBu got us to have the only productive, worthwhile conversation we’ve ever had about sandwiches:
  1. A beautiful game idea from @pedroteixeira:
  1. At last, @CureWiki is honest with us:
  1. tyvm, @NeoRasa:
  1. @Lassemomme had the nicest thing to say about Detroit:
  1. @VulpesAbsurda:
  1. @diglett on remembrance and the Wayback Machine:
  1. @2Mello explains how Nier did all that music stuff:
  1. I feel like this, from @Quartz_Movement, is important to know, though I can’t explain why:
  1. @saladshooter4ever on why we come here:

:1st_place_medal:Honorable Mention:1st_place_medal:


Really it was an honor to be nominated!





I’m glad @CureWiki is being put on blast for their frankly abhorrent anti-gamerism. This belief is a pox on our society. YES I am a gamer. Gamers should be free from their mind-jails. We should be allowed to roam the streets and waters without restriction. #LegalizeGames2018 YES I play on console AND pc. NO I’m not a shrimp. YES I’m a prehistoric predator, an early arthropod, but most of all, I’m a gamer. I’m proud to be a gamer.


Games are bad…


Nice to see my Ben Wallace post did not go unnoticed and thank you for the nomination!

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Im assuming I’m not eligible as a staff member

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it’d just look like favouritism

please humour me, y’all

I like your posts.

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How deep is this rabbit hole?

We don’t talk about The Rabbit Hole

Shout out to @Devour for the Hey. Sup? How you doing today? thread and being an all around nice encouraging person


I’m the coolest mod


Hold on I was robbed:

That is a masterwork of passive aggressive commenting thank you


Aww I’m honored! Thanks y’all. :heart:

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i want to say “that’s not even my best post” but actually i can’t think of any that are better or even arguably “good”

thank you anyway


I’m genuinely flattered to see my single image post in here. :heart:

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Cool people don’t talk about how cool they are Mello.

Also, a mod is basically a cop. Cops aren’t cool.


going to assume i’m not eligible because i’m a moron with an apple for a brain who only posts complete horseshit. which is a bit unfair and kinda bullshit imho but whatever its your list i guess

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I want to make sure people know that they are free–encouraged, even!–to shout out posts they liked this year in this thread. I’m not the Official Waypoint Doyenne of Quality Posting or anything–please, if anything you saw on this forum stuck with you, toss it in!

@dordreff I liked this one:

Though I suppose I did not literally :heart: like :heart: it, whoops.

I’m honored by my inclusion amongst such illustrious posts, but I feel like that wasn’t even the best joke in the thread. I still laugh about “Overton’s Window.”

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