Bot VS Bot: The Sport of Cyber Kings

The Google Deepmind team just published an article today about how they are teaching their AI teamwork and tactics using a modified version of Q3 Arena and the CTF gamemode. Link to article

I spent maybe too much time watching the AI play against each other in games growing up. Everything from NBA 2K on my Dreamcast to Counter-Strike Source bot matches. I can’t tell you why I find it enjoyable to watch other then I do. In particular I could watch SaltyBet all day if I could.

Does anyone else have any fondness for bots playing against other bots and if so what are your favorite examples of it?


the annual starcraft AI competition has always been my favorite. it’s different research teams creating a bot that they hope will beat other research teams’ bots in a tournament.

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I don’t actually remember the actual bot-iness of the football players (like whether some were player-controlled or if it was all the Madden AI), but Breaking Madden is some of that weird good stuff that always seems to happen when you give Jon Bois technology and ask him to tell any story he can think of.