British Politics

This election is terrifying. May wouldn’t stand a chance in a normal political climate (whatever that means). The polls are closing slightly but I feel like we’re still in for a landslide and another 5 years of cruelty under the Tories.

Despair about the state of our nation with me


shout out to everyone else who voted lib Dems in 2010 and consequently became a communist


honestly as long as fptp’s around and the rags run so much public opinion, things will not go well for the welfare state

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That’s why she’s pulling this nonsense now. She wouldn’t have a hope in hell otherwise. Still voting Corbyn, though, whatever happens.


shit’s fucked, our country sucks


Yep, and the LDs made a right mess of forcing the potential for change (selling out students for a public vote on AV, not even actual PR) which probably means at least 20 years before any chance of it being considered again.

So now we’ve got “strong and stable, all opposition within Westminster and without is treason, & the independent judiciary are evil defenders of human rights” vs “Mr dull and defamed (with policies most voters agree with but apparently only the under-40s will actually vote for)”.


Hell yeah I’m here to see smarter people talk shit about our miserable tiny island.


Hello yes I also have issues with this election! And basically all aspects of the next few years in the UK tbh.

Could you imagine the headlines if it was Corbyn who refused to debate May?


It’s insane. I’m an expat, so it’s been painful to watch from far away and unable to vote in the referendums, but hope things work out ok for my family and friends still over there,

Plus May’s only allowing the expats the vote when she thinks it’s in her favour…

Well, we can’t have those enemies of the state usurping the will of the people™!


I will continue to vote SNP and Scots Greens in the hope we won’t have to deal with the Tories any more.

Diane Abbott really did a number on Labour’s pathetically insignificant chances this morning. The stuff of nightmares.

Ehhhh, she had a small mare but got the important information out once she’d composed herself. I’d say May locking journalists in a room while she tours workplaces for fear of someone doing some journalism, and filling her appearances with Tory activists and shutting the public out looks worse.

I have low hopes but I think the Labour party has done more since the election was called than they’ve done in 2 years to look like a credible party.

Something’s gotta give.

The Not-Tories have gotta figure out some way of working together.

Electoral Reform has gotta get back on the agenda, despite how difficult that will be after the botched effort a few years back.

But I haven’t spoken to anyone who doesn’t expect this whole thing to be a mess for years to come.

Just imagine though. If the Tories failed to gain any seats, or even lost a few. Not even lose the election, just completely failed to move the needle. I would laugh so hard. It would give me energy for weeks.

I don’t think it’ll happen, but hey, thinking about it makes me happy, and gotta grab comfort where you can, right?


finding it hard not to ignore everything political now as it causes crushing anxiety and depression when I think about it too hard. I remember going to work the day after the referendum and just didn’t want to look anyone in the eye the sense of tension was unbelievable.

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I hate what’s going on right now, and I hate how clever the Tories have been in calling this election. There are only two options I can see and both are terrible:

  1. The Tories win and we suffer under their yoke for another 5 years.
  2. Labour manage to pull off a win and then get landed with carrying out the brexit process, which means the Tories can blame every problem it causes on them at the next election. That means they will get voted in again.
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Yeah, I just can’t see a good path forward at the moment, even with a labour victory, and I think the next few years are exactly the time we can’t afford this sort of backwards ideological shit-slinging.

Labour’s chances would be a lot better this election if the PLP weren’t full of right wing slugs consistently trying to undermine the left lol. I’ve got issues with Corbyn but good grief crying for a return to Blair and tripping over your own dick to half-heartedly tack right isn’t gonna win you shit either.


Yeah I wish everyone would just stop giving Blair attention to be honest with you