Can we talk about (the ending of) Adventure Time?

Please remember spoiler tags.

I have a lot of complicated feelings about this show, stretching back almost a dozen years to the original short which went viral to tense anticipation after the show was greenlit three years later to watching it on and off for literally my entire adult life. It’s a show that spoke to me in a very personalized way to pierce the cynicism of my high school years.

I’m not overly sad that it’s over, mostly on the strength of the ending. I think it was the best possible “and the adventure continues”-type ending for a series as diverse in style and tone as this one. Its ambitious production leaves in its wake a whole host of (even more) progressive shows like Gravity Falls, Bee and Puppycat, and Steven Universe. Sure it didn’t manage to be the first cartoon with a non-subtext same-sex couple (that’s Legend of Korra), or the first same-sex kiss (Steven Universe). But by gods Bubbline is the best ship on this planet and I will fight you over this.

Anyone else have thoughts on this joyous, maddening show?


I’d say Korra only beats it to that finish line by a technicality - the “text” is in the last five seconds of that show, where Marceline and PB had entire seasons to develop their past and present relationships.

I might even go so far as to say Korrasami and Garnet only exist as a consequence of the early seasons of Adventure Time that established Marceline and PB’s relationship and implied history.