Catch Up on Waypoint Presents Right Here

You can catch up with original episodes of our Waypoint Presents series—which originally aired on Disney XD, right here. We followed two of the most prolific FGC competitors—Sonic Fox and Echo, as they faced their biggest challenges yet EVO 2017:

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I watched this when it first released online, and one thing kept bugging me. There was this subplot in the episode of Punk trying to be the first American EVO winner, but that kept getting undercut by the fact that the (presumably) American Sonic had won EVO previously. Now, I know nothing about EVO and the greater FGC, but I felt that this was poorly explained. Maybe I misunderstood?

Watched the Half-Coordinated video, just wanted to say what a neat and moving story that was. Very well done, excited to watch more!

It’s per-game. Street Fighter EVO champ is counted as the current iteration of the game.

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