Category/Subcategory for Game Strategies/Community Guides?

I got the idea from Ubisoft’s new R6 Academy (
I think it would be a neat idea if Game Strategies/Guides were a thing on the forum as a category or a subcategory.


As someone who regularly checked the XCOM thread for advice while going through their own campaign, I’d welcome this!

Hey, folks (@video_gh0st and @Glorgu specifically since you have voiced interest).

Would this be in any particular way? A subcategory for guides specifically (which maybe doesn’t quite fit into #games:video-games or #lifestyle:workshop designed for guides to be posted there? Or something more like a megathread-y subcategory for factual/informative threads about games (as opposed to ‘discussion’-oriented threads that tend to make up #games:video-games at the moment?

Let me know what you were thinking. We’re super open to new category ideas, we just want to make sure we have the pitch down on it.

In my head I was imagining a more megathready subcategory in my head, but that might overlap with general game discussion a whole bunch.

Looking at @video_gh0st’s link as a reference, that would be a subcategory for more curated, self-contained guides, and I think that would be pretty cool too, probably better actually!

My instinct is actually towards your initial pitch, since people discussing and asking questions can be the springboard for a more in-depth discussion (whereas it can be hard to create a guide ex nihilo without knowing that there’s demand for it).

I’m genuinely agnostic about it & keen to foster suggestions, so feel free to spitball and pitch. I read it all :eyes:

I think a megathready subcategory would work. The R6 academy is more curated, but doesn’t really allow for discussion.

The idea was more of a hub where the Waypoint Community can share and contribute to a mega thread.