CD Projekt Red Uses DMCA to Take Down Tweets Sharing Stolen Game Code

Game developer CD Projekt Red (CDPR) got Twitter to take down several tweets that contained links to company data that hackers stole and leaked online last week.

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What a wasted effort. The code is out there and it’s never going to be fully scrubbed, it’s a complete waste of their time to even try to do take downs unless you just have lawyers sitting on hands. I would worry more about people posting the entire repos in places like GitHub/GitLab that show people actively working on it or trying to do something with it.

Valve’s had the entire Source Engine code leaked multiple times now and they’re not happy about it but they also know they have things they could be working on instead. Way easier to just catch someone clearly using part of your code then to sit around trying to hunt down every single code snippet posted to Twitter.

IMO if they want to turn this around throw the code (not the assets) up on GitHub and put a GPL license on it id Software style. Prove that they are what they say they are by doing the ultimate anti DRM move.