Cybertruck can't hurt you

But you can easily hurt it and look like a jerk through the rest of your bad presentation:

I’m just gonna say it, that’s a cool ass truck and sure beats the lifted F150 monstrosities that the good ole boys in my town drive. All hail Cybertruck!


I think it’s trying waaaaay too hard with the styling. Calling it ‘cybertruck’ is one thing (cars have dumbass names all the time) but that looks like it was developed using a SuperFX chip.


I think it has fewer polygons than the original Halo Warthog.


This is the car I would expect from a guy who probably said at one point, “it’s a car, how complicated could it be”.


I have some friends who unironically want it and I am VERY upset with them.

Why couldn’t it just look like a regular truck???

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i’m sure this truck is very safe and has very adequate crumple zones


Inb4 reporting to Megatron.


This supposed “Cyber” truck is quite clearly made out of metal, plastic and glass instead of code.
False advertising, refunded and expect my 0 star review on amazon soon.


Don’t forget to sue them.

I can’t stop laughing about this while also being incredibly skeeved out by its “post-apocalyptic pedestrian mauler for the rich” vibe.


/r/tombraider has been having fun with this.

It looks a lot like ADVENT’s “cop” cars from XCOM 2, as well. (Which I annoyingly cannot find a good screenshot of.)

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Oh, I’ve seen things like this before. It looks a lot better up close, once the more detailed model has loaded in.


The way he pitched this thing was like he expects it to go into combat zones.

Yeah, when raiders try to steal your family, you have bullet proof windows and sold steel doors!

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I unironically love the way it looks.

Shit looks opressive, maybe the glass is bulletproof because the first thing I though when I saw it was “I would totally throw an egg at this thing in a protest”


It reminds me of the robots in the Metalhead episode of Black Mirror (AKA The best episode), WHICH IS NOT A GOOD THING

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I didnt even know he pitched it as this but my first thought when I saw this thing was “this probably can and will hurt me because the next time I see it it will have bullbars on its bumper and a machinegun sticking out the top”

the sad thing about our cyberpunk dystopia is that its going to look like it did in the movies because emerging the corporate leaders of the world are 30 somethings who saw Blade Runner once in the 80s and said from positions of immense privilege “wow it would be cool if I could make things that look like that”


That’s exactly my problem with stuff like this “cybertruck”. A majority of cyberpunk stories are cautionary tales with underlying themes about corporations doing and making shit like this, and all billionaires do is watch those movies and think “wow cool car”.


But it can hurt countries with lithium…