Dark theme on main page?

Found the dark theme for the forums, but I’m wondering if there will be a dark theme on the main Waypoint page?


Waypoint already has dark themes like video games and sandwiches


Rated D for dark themes/dokes


Waypoint After Dark

Only if it’s only accessible by a very specific redirect URL.

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I had not found the dark theme for the forums. That is so much easier on the eyes now.

+1 for a Dark/Night mode, I can’t concentrate on bright websites :frowning:

Is dark theme available on mobile?

There’s a dark extension available if you’re on Chrome, you can toggle it for specific websites, it’s called Dark Reader.


Good to know there’s a Chrome extension to help. I’m primarily mobile/tablet so hoping it gets added server-side.

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you can make it the default on all ur devices, so once you log in the forum enters dark mode.

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Talking about the main Waypoint page (waypoint.vice.com), not the forums.

Every website should have a dark theme.

Also, many thanks to this thread for helping me realize the forums itself does, in fact, have the dark theme option on the “Interface” part of settings. That being said, the main site should have a dark theme toggle, too!


“waypointafter.dark” or something

I know I’m bumping an old thread but Im visually impaired and I don’t want to click around for a hidden logo or secret link and would appreciate the answer ASAP: How do I access dark mode for the forums? I dont like when people play games with what I would consider accessibility features.

A dark mode for the main site and the forums needs to exist and as for the forum datk mode it should be in the interface options.

User menu (top right round profile icon) > Preferences (gear icon) > Interface (bottom left menu item) > Theme > Dark Waypoint.

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Woof. I found it. In the…interface options.

Thank you and sorry.