DeepMind's 'StarCraft II' AI Will Soon Take on Regular Players Without Telling Them

European StarCraft II players will finally be able to test their might against DeepMind's StarCraft II-playing AI called AlphaStar.

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I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. I wonder if there’s some tell players can use by investigating their replies to see if they had come up against AlphaStar. “Barcode” (Combination of capital I and l in the name, such as IllllIIlllIllI) professional players have been unmasked by checking the replays and looking for their signature moves, along with some other context involved. I will be extremely impressed if upon inspection, the AlphaStar replays are indistinguishable from regular replays.

I’m working on a few projects that involve taking some of the source code of video game AI and applying to other problems. Video games seem somewhat more advanced than other industries in usage of artificial intelligence, so I’m thinking there could be some interesting opportunities for cross-pollination.

Like what would happen if the same AI that tells an enemy in a FPS to take cover were applied to a challenge in healthcare?