Does anybody follow Batte Rap? (URL,KOTD,UDubb,etc)

Has the battle rap community infiltrated Waypoint at all?
I know there really isnt many of us out there in general.
If so who are some of your favorites?

These days I’m Rolling with Roc and Nitty as my undeniable favorites. Who you got?

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Oh man, I haven’t been following battle rap for a while now. Shame too, because my hometown of Toronto has such a thriving scene centered around King of the Dot. My cousin, Lyve Kaos, a seasoned battle rapper out of Miami, moved out of the scene years ago and I just stopped following it when he did. But yeah, I totally respect the art and would love to hear suggestions to get back into it.

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Oh yeah man King of the Dot is official! There events seem like a great time. It’s awesome you’re from Toronto, you’re right the battle scene there is super important.

If you want to get back into it I suggest just following the URL and KOTD youtube pages.
I left batte rap for some years and came back, myself. One excellent way to get back into Battlerap is to follow a prominent battle rap vlogger. I personally think Jayblacc is the best. He does a show thats basically the Espn Sportcenter of battle rap. I’ll try to link it in this reply. I’m kind of new to forum posting.

Here are some names you can type into youtube to get started on your battle search:

Hitman Holla, K Shine, Bigg K, Illmaculate, Hollow da don, T Top, Tay Roc, Charron, Pat Stay, Rum Nitty, Tsu Surf, Charlie clips, DNA, Iron Solomon, Loaded Lux

These battlers have allot of good content and tend to battle high ranked “important” opponents. If its on the King of the Dot or URL channel you can be sure its not a bootleg and the quality should be great ( the newer battles looking/ soundinf better than the older ones)