Does anyone want to play Subterfuge

Rob talking about this terrible game of deceit and emotional trauma got me hungry.

Does anyone want to try it?

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We played two games of it a few months ago over on the discord. Each game we had people quit / turtle due to the stress and from not completely understanding the rules.

Do play through the tutorial a couple of times and read / think about the mechanics of the special characters. I’ve watched a number of people waste their martyrs on absolutely nothing.

I had fun in both games, but of course, I did win both. So I’ll quite happily play again.

I do want to make it clear to interested parties: Nothing anybody has said about this game is exaggeration. Please don’t play this game if you consider yourself prone to anxiety.

Try to go into it like a strategic board game - even if it’s competitive, it’s just leisure, and while you can win or lose at the game, you can’t lose at having fun.

I’ve played Subterfuge once. Never again. It only took a couple of days before I was setting 3am alarms just to check in and seeing that half the people playing were doing the same thing.

It started off with a Melbourne vs. Sydney alliance which got broken once I got attacked from two flanks by half of my ‘allies’. The entire game was micromanaging submarines to ensure that I wouldn’t lose any ground and the game came down myself and another player having to kill off a queen and princess within a window of a few hours.

It’s well worth playing through at least once because the actual game design is fantastic. It’s relatively simple and they do a lot with it. But oh god is it stressful.

Which is to say no, but I hope to see a game get started because I’d love to read the play by play as it progresses.

Edit: This was the most important play of the game. I’m the blue player and the green was one of my former allies.

This game has been sitting on my phone unplayed for a few years, so I’d be interested in trying it out.

I said I’d be up for a game on the discord, but I thought it’d be good to say it here too.
Just want to second the idea that you should play the tutorials and make sure you understand it too because trying to figure stuff out as you start playing is not a good time.

I got super into Subterfuge for a while but I haven’t played for the last couple of months. It’d be cool to finally have a reason to jump back in, so I’m up for a game.

I played a Subterfuge game once so nah I’m good

people who haven’t played it absolutely should though but get checked by your doctor before engaging in Subterfuge Activity

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So that’s four. I think we wanna have about eight to have a good game going?

One thing: People do talk about setting alarms for the middle of their sleep-cycle, and that isn’t really necessary. Not looking at the game for six hours isn’t going to be the difference between things going your way or not. Four to eight hours is about the standard time you’re looking at for moving between two adjacent positions. You should be making liberal usage of the ability to queue orders into the future, even if those orders are just conservative troop-movements.

Edit: I’m very happy to provide free strategic advice to new players, I’m not looking to win. Letting people know prior to the game starting that I’ve won this game twice is kind of a death sentence as it is. It matters to me that I can help people have a good time.

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Kiwi on the discord not this kiwi, a different kiwi made a Subterfuge game. It has a player cap of 10 players, is currently sitting at five players, so if any of you wanna take the dive I recommend hitting this link and playing the tutorials. and also deciding which of your neighbors ought be friends or foes

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