Donate games for black gay youth progam

As you may have heard, a Dallas nonprofit serving black gay & bisexual men got burned out by an arsonist last month. Abounding Prosperity has found new offices, but they’re scrambling to replace everything. As in, their intital request for in-kind donations included toilet paper. (No I’m not crying, you’re crying.)

And they’re asking for games for their youth drop-in group. Waypointers, can you help me take this off AP leadership’s plate? The program manager told me community favorites are checkers, UNO, Monopoly, Phase 10, and card games like spades. Honestly, though, they’ll appreciate any tabletop & card games we send them. Someone gave them an Xbox 360 last week, so games for that system would be great.

Imagine: black and gay in Texas, too young for the bar scene, safe space physically attacked, and white supremacists in the news. Sitting down to a game with friends sounds pretty good, huh? We can help with that part. This is a thing we can do to give respite.

AP’s GoFundMe page is here. If you’d like to send them a game, please reply to this thread with the title to avoid duplication. Their mailing address is

Abounding Prosperity
2311 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Dallas TX 75215

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll consider a donation if you’re able.


That’s awful to hear :slightly_frowning_face:

Sent a collection that had UNO, Phase 10, and Snappy Dressers in it.

Edit: Just a heads up but the zip code should be 75215 according to their GoFundMe and Google maps.

Would they like extra controllers for the Xbox 360? I could provide three if they wanted!

EDIT: Actually, just for clarification, do they want new products or would used controllers be alright as well? I’ll happily provide either way.

Thanks for contributing! I know the support means alot to the staff and clients.

And thanks for catching the ZIP code. I’ve corrected the original post.

@Glorgu Extra controllers are a great idea! I think new/used is your call. The program manager’s email says twice that any donations would be appreciated. Thanks for donating!

I’m going to try and get to UPS tomorrow and ship my old ones then!

Cool, thanks for helping out! I’ll see if I can lay my hands on Halo 3 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance for multiplayer fun.