Elder Scrolls Online Group Up

I play Elder Scrolls Online quite a bit but I have never actually done any of the group content. Since none of my IRL friends play it I thought, why not ask the Waypoint community?

I have a level 45 Dunmer Sorceror and play on the EU server. I would really like to run the Aetherial Archive because the Celestial Mage is sweet.

I stopped playing ESO for a while, bit I’ll admit I’ve been feeling a bit of an urge to redownload. I was about halfway through the Coldharbour zone with a Level ~46 Dunmer Templar, so it sounds like we were roughly the same level…

(I had a level 35ish Khajiit Dragonknight and a level 22ish Breton Sorceress to boot, but sounds like my main is in the EP like you)

I imagine the guild I was in kicked me for being inactive probably a year. I’d be willing to pop back on and hang out a bit, even if I don’t have any of the DLC and am rather not up to date with current events. That Morrowind expansion is tempting me, though, what with Morrowind being far and away my favorite Elder Scrolls game…

I’ve not done much of the main story actually. I think the furthest I am is the hidden Redguard sword school. I also have a 44 Orc that I mostly use for crafting a 30 Khajiit because they are awesome and a 41 Redguard because I may as well round it out.

The only DLC I have is Wrothgar, which is pretty great. I was a Plus member for a while that gives you all the dlc but I can’t afford it right now so had to stop. I am super excited for the Morrowind expansion (Morrowind is the best game) but I likely won’t be able to get it on release. I’ll be real, I want to get a group so I can do the Aetherial Archive so I can get the Celestial Mage mask as it looks similar to Dagoth Ur’s mask lol.

I’m shaunh22 on PSN so anybody who wants to group up just add me.

I have two level 50 characters, a Bosmer Sorcerer and a Dunmer Templar. I’m on NA PC, though :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t actually been playing much for a while. I’m waiting impatiently for Morrowind.

I so look forward to Morrowind!

Oh yeahhh, PC here too. Well, I guess the pressure to redownload is a bit lower, then.

Console peasant forever alone :weary: