Episode 415: Commander Rob’s Heroes

Austin and Cado have joined Rob in the trenches, and they’re having a hell of a time! Commander Rob is joined by a few new squaddies in Hell Let Loose, and someone messed up and let Cado get behind the wheel of a tank. After the break, Patrick is exploring his own cyberpunk hell in The Ascent, an extremely divisive top down shooter with a very slow start. Austin and Rob are scavenging a new exclusion zone in Chernobylite, Cado is doing a dance of deductions in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and the question bucket has all sorts of new music stories in it.

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I was on the fence about Hell Let Loose but Austin and Rob talk about games with such passion that they got me, I’m gonna jump in


I gave in as well, discovering I had enough credit card rewards to buy it made it a must-try after hearing Rob talk about it.

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As much fun as it is to listen to them talk about Hell Let Loose, I doubt I’d be ever able to play it myself (not my type of game). Having said that, I would love to see them stream it for Tactical Tuesdays. :crossed_fingers:


Pretty sure French General Charles Huntziger himself came back from the dead to lead the Waypoint squad in one of the stories. Probably the single most disgraceful general during the 1940 campaign, who pretty much personally blew it during the Battle of Sedan. (Not to say there wasn’t vast incompetence to go around in the French command, so maybe it was Gamelin or Weygrand or who knows who.)

He did claim he was English, but that style of command is definitely 1940 France.

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Had the same exact thought of Austin when I saw Ascent. But I came to the conclusion, despite not finishing it, I’m not interested in a Ruiner. If this feels like more of that-ish, I can’t do it.

Hell let loose sounds really cool but I’m very curious what the experience is like without voice chat, because god knows I’m never going to use a microphone


As amazing as Austin makes Hell Let Loose sound, I’m another person who’s never going to play it. Back in high school, my brother got real into the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2. The sounds of military jargon called into a headset can come across as really disturbing when not paired with the fiction of the game, and unless everyone in my house was on board with that, I wouldn’t want to subject them to it.

I haven’t jumped in yet, but I’ve been watching videos. It seems like the only roles that absolutely have to use the mic are Squad Leaders (including Tank Commanders and Scouts) and the Commander. The “individual contributor” players can get by using pings and text chat.


There is rarely a game that makes me think getting on voice chat is a good idea, but I feel like this might make me at least think twice. Hopefully some Waypoint folks decide to give it a go!

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A lot of nice things to hear about the VC structure in that game - voice chat being squad-only and then command being another chat. Still the sort of thing I imagine that you want to play with friends, especially if you’re gonna play on the Axis side.

That tank run was incredible.


I suspect there isn’t a solution but is there any way to get the multi-stream setup for the Hell Let Loose stream working for VODs? I couldn’t catch the stream live because of timezones, but people in chat seem to think having multistream is essential because of the “don’t stream the map” rule.

Multi-stream was particularly cool for the Tank squad part of the cast. If you just setup two windows, one over top of the other, and play the VODs with only one audio stream on, I imagine you’d get pretty close to the live experience.


been playing HLL since about a year ago, great to see how far the game has come and getting a bit of attention, certainly one of the tensest and cinematic experiences I’ve had in some time.
the stream today was great, if anyone is after a mentor, happy to help out, artillery spotting is a hell of a good time, so is building defences as an engineer


Amid all the Hell Let Loose hype I’m just sitting here recoiling in horror at the music phrenology document from the end of the pod. I understand that stuff maybe mattering at an extremely high level, but why in the actual fuck is that a real thing for young kids??


For youtube videos at the very least there are ways to sync up VODs and get the same experience, otherwise Cado would have to edit both together in one VOD after the fact.

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Right?!?! I can really see some of the stuff talked about on that part of the pod messing kids up.

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Any reccomendations of good HLL community servers?

Good timing of podcasts…Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Addendum this week has a pod about the history of war gaming and an interview with Maximilian Rea, the director of Hell Let Loose.

I loved this episode and it has lead once again to me buying a game I didn’t know I needed <3

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