Episode 431 - KingPoint

WE'RE TAKING OVER! Special Guest Cameron Kunzelman was lured him onto the podcast to supposedly talk about Sable, which he reviewed for Waypoint but instead Patrick took it upon himself to take over Just King Things and rebrand it "KingPoint." Listen as the crew dives into everything Steven King, and who knows, we might even talk about a few video games.

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I think I am the only person in the world, Stephen King fan or not, that really likes The Breathing Method (the fourth novella in Different Seasons that absolutely no one cares about or even acknowledges), and the fact that Patrick interrupted Cameron right as he was about to mention it and as a result it was completely skipped over in their convo about Different Seasons was painfully hilarious to me.


It was neat hearing Patrick and Cameron answer my question during the Sable discussion, but it was extremely funny to me that it prompted them to launch into an extended bit about Kirk Hamilton’s war on navigational UI given that I’d been listening to Triple Click and that was exactly what had put the question in my head.