Evolution 2017 - The World Championship of Fighting Games

Evolution 2017 - The World Championship of Fighting Games

Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay

Friday July 14 - Sunday July 16

Finals Sunday will be taking place at the sold out Mandalay Bay Event Center.

The Lineup

Tournament Brackets

Street Fighter V - Second EVO Appearance. 2,622 entrants. $26,220 + $50,000 bonus pot. 2/3 games, Top 8 3/5 games. Capcom Cup Premier event.

Super Smash Bros 4 - Third EVO Appearance. 1,515 entrants. $15,150 pot. Two stock, six minute rounds. 2/3 games whole tournament.

Super Smash Bros Melee - Fifth EVO Appearance. 1,435 entrants. $14,350 pot. Four stock, eight minute time rounds. 2/3 games whole tournament.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution - Third EVO Appearance. 1,278 entrants. $11,800 + $15,000 bonus pot. 2/3 games whole tournament. Winner receives an automatic bid to the Tekken World Tour Finals.

Injustice 2 - First EVO Appearance. 883 entrants. $8,830 + $50,000 bonus pot. 3/5 games whole tournament. Injustice 2 Pro Series event.

Guilty Gear XRD: Revelator 2 - First EVO Appearance. 827 entrants. $8,270 + $10,000 bonus pot. 2/3 games whole tournament.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Ninth and final EVO Appearance. 648 entrants. $6,480 pot. 3/5 games whole tournament.

Blazblue: Central Fiction - First EVO Appearance. 499 entrants. $4,990 + $10,000 bonus pot. 2/3 games whole tournament.

King of Fighters XIV - First EVO Appearance. 375 entrants. $3,750 + $14,000 bonus pot. 2/3 games whole tournament.

Only Top 8 competitors earn a piece of the pot. Payout percentages for all games are 60/20/10/4/2/2/1/1.

The Streams

EVO Twitch team page.
SRK EVO 1 (The main stream and home of all Top 8’s)
Capcom Fighters (The primary stream for SFV except for Top 8.)
Tekken (Only place to watch Tekken pools)
Netherrealm (Only place to watch Injustice 2 pools)

Street Fighter V Top 8 will once against air live on ESPN 2.

Also, Disney XD will be airing Super Smash Bros 4 and Street Fighter V Top 8’s.

Side Events

There will be a Dragonball Fighter Z exhibition tournament at EVO. The tournament will take place Friday and Saturday, and will feature a lot of big names in the FGC facing off.

Bandai Namco stream.

Anime EVO returns with a large selection of lesser known fighting games that never get the main stage spotlight.

Anime EVO brackets.

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Nice to have all this info in one place! Really looking forward to Smash 4, Gundam Versus, and UMvC3. Will probably also check out Melee and casually watch the rest of the Sunday stuff.

MKLeo win Evo pls

also my conspiracy theory for Smash 4 being on Disney XD is that they’re going to announce Smash 4 Switch with Sora from KH as a new character. This is definitely real and definitely happening.


oh fuck they’re running PuyoPuyo Tetris, hell yes. destroy my body with maximum esports

Great write up, thanks for the effort! I am there for Puyo Puyo Tetris and that Dragon Ball Fighters Z preview. Might watch the top 8 of Smash 4 and SFV.

I live in Vegas. I love fighting games. I should really just go.

I’m all in for some KOFXIV and Tekken 7.

Scratch that I’m only here for some good Catherine tournament.

Catherine is the secret hypest tournament at EVO.

Definitely going to leave the Tekken stream up all day today. Very excited.

Tekken 7 is soooo hype. One of the few games I don’t mind watching pools

Dragonball is going to be something special. The fluid of the movement and animation, the ease of supers and tagging in and out, and how fights restart after someone is knocked out just works so damn well together.

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Not saying DBFZ is gonna completely eat MvCI’s lunch but…I’m not NOT gonna say it


King of Fighters XIV Top 8. Finals are tonight at 11pm EST.

Luis Cha (MEX) vs Xiaohai (CHN)
White Ash (UAE) vs ET (TWN)

M’ (JP) vs TC Pako (MEX)
Reynald (USA) vs ZJZ (TWN)

The Bandai Namco stream definitely convinced me to keep an eye out for DBFZ, I don’t usually buy an ArcSys fighting game outright but I might make the jump this time.

Kinda sad it’s not going to be a sunday final, KOFXIV is very entertaining and deserves a bigger stage.

Catherine tomorrow at 10 am but I don’t know which 10 am. So excited.

Anyone else watching right now? Fab just came back so hard and literally kicked the shit out of gin.

I have KOF Top 8 on with an eye on Tekken right now.

Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2 Top 8. Finals start at 5pm EST Saturday.

Winners bracket
Nage (Faust) vs. /r/Kappa|T5M7 (Leo)
KVOxTSB|Omito (Johnny) vs. PurePure (Jack-O)

Losers bracket
Teresa (Jam) vs. Samitto (Chipp)
310 (Venom) vs. GGP|Kazunoko (Raven)

I just switched over, Tekken keeps having technical problems or long breaks or some shit, it’s killing the top 32 mood.

Anakin looking hella frazzled, Alisa got so close to taking that round.

My buddy Ak got footage of that Paco KOF finish from the side of the stage

Love me a passionate popoff. Rooting for him, but he has Xiaohai next and that will not be easy.

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