'Final Fantasy IX,' Now on PS4, Was a Brutal Fable About State Violence

The most underrated Final Fantasy of its day remains one of the best and affecting stories the series has ever told.

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Very very pleased to see Waypoint out here preaching the truth. I’ll be revisiting this one, my favorite FF title, very soon.


FF9 is the struggle against totalitarianism propped up by military and racial interests and the failure of neighbour powers to answer in time. The bad guy is literally a military supplier.

I suggest everyone to replay it if they did while young. There’s a lot of things that a young player must have missed that are much more fascinating with the added knowledge built up as an adult. While not my absolute favorite FF, It’s overall the strongest storyline of the franchise by far in my humble opinion.

edit : It seems that the PS4 port is a hack job though, apparently music resets after every encounter, making it unbearable.

Sad to hear. I’m playing PC version (which seems to be the base for PS4 release) for the first time (eh, I mean, I’m playing the game for the first time and on PC), and minus one bug, it’s very good. Bug in question is: after playing for at least 3 or 4 hours you can get stuck in a black transitional screen. But since that version saves on every transition anyway, it’s not that annoying and it’s not a guarantee.

This my favorite FF and I played it for the first time only like 2 years ago. Like a lot of people I was already off the PS1 when it came out. It holds up super well even by a today’s standards and, the article only briefly mentions him, but, Vivi is one of my favorite characters in fiction.

Please, give it a try.


Final Fantasy IX frickin rules.

It was my first final fantasy (if you don’t count mystic quest on the snes) - technically my brother’s actually - and I still haven’t finished it! The furthest I got was somewhere in disc three, I planned to train up a little, learn some abilities from some items, before going to kuja’s fortress or whatever, but instead I played chocobo dig for hours and hours and stopped playing ?
I don’t know where that memory card is now, and going back 40 hours deep into a game is rough, you know.

Maybe one day, I will finally finish it (/any final fantasy game (again if you don’t count mystic quest)).

Vivi is excellent, it’s just hard to talk about why without getting into some real spoiler territory.