Floor Kids (Switch)

If you have a Switch, you need this. A super fun rhythm game about breakdancing, with hand animated characters and local multiplayer.

I’m somewhere around halfway through, and while it’s fairly easy to 4 or 5 crown individual tracks with combos, getting 10/10 in all 4 categories it rates you on is a lot harder.

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How’s the music been so far? I was a little underwhelmed by the stuff in the trailer, and that would be one of the main draws for me.

It’s really cute that the price is $19.90.

I added this game to my wishlist but I’m waiting for a review or two before I buy. It looks like a lot of love went into making it.

It’s there, I guess? You’d need to ask someone who’s more into hip hop – I picked it up because I like rhythm games and I loved the look of it. I don’t think I’d recommend it on the music alone; it does feel like it’s there to be in the background while you frantically try to string together combos, and it only really comes to the forefront when you tap out the choruses.

There are gameplay videos on YouTube and Twitch which might give you a better sampling of tracks.