Gamedev communities

Hey all,

I’ve been going back to alot of my old forums haunts (Tsumea, tigsource) looking to participate in an active community discussing and dissecting game development, but they’re all incredibly quiet. What’s happen? Is it all discord? Does anyone have any regular communities they go to?

I think it’s largely a combination of Twitter and Discord, and smatterings of Reddit. Forums aren’t as big as they used to be, and rather than posting on a running devlog thread, I think folks have opted for just posting stuff to Twitter. If you want coverage, that’s much preferable to a niche form. And if you want feedback, Discord offers immediate and direct feedback (sometimes to a fault). And Reddit is, well, more or less the modern replacement for forums for many people, so it fills that role as well.

I had a friend who ran a small game dev forum for a few years, and while they weren’t trying to make it a big thing, it is in general sort of hard to get people roped into forums these days. Which is a shame, because they can do a lot of cool things, especially for talking about craft.


That friend of mine recently spun-up that gamedev forum again, actually!

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