Gamescom 2023 - Announcements, Trailers and More

Zack Snyder’s independent Star Wars knockoff feels like a threat, like the activation phrase for a thousand men who make 10-hour YouTube videos about The Last Jedi. Ominous.

The games part of this Gamescom feels lacking. Little Nightmares III from Supermassive Games is a curiosity, at least.


Given that this is “opening night”, I hope that we see more interesting projects on the floor of the trade fair from press coverage, though frankly I don’t know the best place to watch for that.

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Speaking of which, there seem to be some more interesting demos and new titles on Steam!

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Some stuff that caught my eye:

Dustborn. A road-trip action-adventure game where you travel with your rock band across alt-history America with robots and fight riot cops. Unfortunately published by Quantic Dream, and has a name that makes it sound like something else, but it seems neat.

Enotria: The Last Song. A Soulslike based on Italian folklore (it’s not Lies of P), seems very influenced by theatre traditions. Not much in terms of gameplay yet, but the style seems very novel.

Streets of Rogue 2. The sequel to Streets of Rogue, the top-down immersive-sim rogue-lite (that I always wish I played more of), but it actually does not seem to be a rogue-lite this time! Hmmm!

The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo. A beautifully animated point’n’click adventure game with surrealist aesthetics. Reminds me a bit of the Amanita games, looks like it’s very promising.

Wisper. A cute exploration-focused game. Not much to say, looks very nice.

A very pretty Metroidvania (or search-action, or whatever you wanna call it) about a girl with a paintbrush! A bit weary of the mental health pitch, but it is stunning.

Finally, a silly lil possum game about eating lots with your fwiendz


Streets of Rogue 2 looks pretty rad and I continue to look forward to Alan Wake 2 as well. I’m not sure why they had a movie trailer in there, it’s a super weird venue to drop it but whatever, I’m really looking forward to seeing Rebel Moon. Real strong Chronicles of Riddick and Jupiter Ascending vibes from it. The world needs more weird, operatic sci-fi in it.

This is really unfair. If this were any other director this sort of thing would be seen as hyperbolic and weird. Every kind of person across all walks of life like his films and reducing it chud-likes is just the whole Berniebro crap all over again. This kind of nonsense needs to stop.

I don’t know that I agree that it’s unfair; I have enjoyed some of Snyder’s films (hell, I even kind of like his Dawn of the Dead), but it’s hardly unfair to note that - regardless of his intent - his films lean toward the reactionary, the racist, the misogynistic. Nor to acknowledge that the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut fan movement - though inevitably having mainstream appeal, and the actual product was fine, better than Whedon’s anyway - was something promoted in the more right-wing webosphere. It had, at the time, been noted by media to not be dissimilar in tone or crowd to the harassment of Kelly Marie Tran following The Last Jedi.

Rebel Moon could rock (though I find the dull palette and bland worldbuilding in the trailer discouraging), but that’s rather a separate thing from “this has enormous potential to hit the right-wing niche, who have a devotion to Snyder and disdain for Disney’s Star Wars, in a way that will make being online insufferable when this drops.”


Edit: Eh, this isn’t the place to get into it. I thought the trailer looked awesome and I’m all for new IP, especially operatic sci-fi, being made. I’ll just say on the whole talking point about this director is that I wholly disagree you with you, especially the points about what his films lean towards, and leave it at that. Well, that and that article is very bad and says nothing.

I’m usually way hyped for a new space opera, I should be this audience. I liked Jupiter Ascending before it was cool, after all. And maybe it’s Netflix - a byword for shit quality now, maybe it’s Snyder - whose last movie on Netflix was a complete mess whose most interesting artistic decision was to film with a camera with a dead pixel.

I dunno, man. Really don’t know. Dune 2 got delayed and that sucks, and instead we have this?


More like zombie pixel!

But seriously, Army wasn’t my favorite of his films. It certainly has an unique look but I just didn’t vibe with the dream lens. The whole project felt like an experiment and decompression after a really tragic and tough year for him. But the seamlessness of how Tig Notaro was incorporated film was oscar-worthy.

Personally, I thought the first Dune was so boilerplate. Super disappointing given the source material and the director’s previous films. I liked it a little bit but did it lack everything that made the setting special. I’ll take Lynch’s film any day of the week.

I say it’s we got a better deal out of it.

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