Gene Wolfe, 1931-2019

Very sad to write that Gene Wolfe has died. I do not know if I can adequately convey how much his work meant to me or how dizzying and overwhelming reading The Book of the New Sun was for the first time in the absolute best way possible.

An incredible author with a great range and always someone whose interviews I loved to read.

I dunno I am just so bummed out right now.


Damn, thats a rough one. RIP Gene Wolfe.

Iā€™m glad he made it to 87 and, going by the obituary, had a lot of family around him to the end. Dude will always be a legend.

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So sad. Just got around to reading Book of the New Sun for the first time.

Wow dang. I loved his work when I was younger and fell out of love with a good portion of it when I reread some of it, but he was one of the first fantasy authors I read and thus was very influential on my opinions of fantasy books as a youth. RIP