Gita Appreciation Hour

hi all. something that came up in the discord were these tweets from gita about her experience being on waypoint radio:

every where i go to seek out how people react to things i say on this podcast they either do not mention me at all or complain about me. even on the waypoint forum. it feels great and makes me want to be on the podcast.

— Gita Jackson: The Mandawhoreian (@xoxogossipgita) December 15, 2020

there was subsequently a huge outpouring of support, but as it isn’t clear if gita will see it, i wanted to make a dedicated thread to show support and appreciation of what she’s brought to the show and the site. as iaman said, "This is a good reminder that many of us can probably work on shouting out folks whose work we like when they are not in the middle of being harassed (as well as supporting them through that stuff like we probably all already try to do). It’s one thing to show up to protect folks, it’s a whole other thing to uplift them."

gita is a host i love hearing from! her perspective is always welcome and frequently thought-provoking, as well as laugh-out-loud funny. listening to this monday’s pod was a delight, not the least of which because of her dragon age takes and great chemistry dunking on solas with austin and cado. my partner who doesn’t listen to podcasts gets excited when i mention putting on wpr and gita’s on it because she loves hearing from her too. she’s renewed my love of the sims, a game series i’ve played on and off since i was 10. i love to read her articles when i drop by the site to check in. i just can’t say enough about what she’s contributed or how much i appreciate her voice.

if you have love to share, please do!

(edited to clarify: this isn’t meant as a dig from me on other hosts, the forums, or twitter (though it doesn’t need defending). it’s just what it says on the tin-- a post to share support.)


I love Gita. I love hearing about the Sims and all the CK3 talk was so good. I love Gita’s Movie Talk (that’s a show that should exist), hearing the Star Wars bit recently was so good, and I remember the Uncut Gems pod so well. Gita is fantastic.


Gita being a huge Star Wars fan but not having seen the most recent film is big mood, glad I’m not the only one.

Always happy to hear her on the pod!


Gita is wonderful! She’s been such a great addition to the pod and she brings such a strong voice to the group. I love the perspective she brings and I’m always a little disappointed when an episode drops without her. We love you Gita!


I feel the same way about Gita that I do about the rest of the cast: I don’t necessarily have the same taste in media, but she is so good at expressing what she likes and her experience with it, that I get a very clear picture of her experience with the thing and why she did/didn’t like it. Also, Gita is always very energetic, which is fun.


I wish I could be you.

Thanks Gita, for showing us that you can be horny on main and still look fabulous doing it.

Also shoutout to David and Ella, who do good work off the Waypoint bench.


signing in for the first time in forever to say: thank you gita! been a fan ever since i saw you and tim collabing together on kotaku back in, 2017, 2018? have enjoyed your writing and thoughts ever since.

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Gita rules! Her perspective on video games gives the podcast a breadth that it never really had before. I love hearing about the goings on of games communities that rarely get talked about in the discourse.


Gita is great! I like that there’s someone on the podcast to talk about the Sims because it has always been a series that I’ve liked being an observer to but never engaging with myself. Her Empire of Sin coverage was really good and I’m happy that she introduced me to this picture


Love your critical approach and ability to really bring people into the way you approach games Gita! I was super excited when I heard you were coming over to vice after the whole G/O trainwreck, and it’s been nothing but gold since. I started spending time in the discourse dot zone to expand my perspective, and you’ve been a huge positive influence on that journey, so Thank You!


Gita is great!! I’ve been a fan since the Match 3 podcast and her writing is often appointment reading for me, I’m always extra excited to listen to Waypoint Radio when she’s on.

Also we apparently share a birthday and virgos are the best, that’s just the truth.


Excuse me, Gita is the best part of Waypoint Radio, and Vice gaming, period. I won’t hear any dissenting arguments.

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The podcasts are always better when Gita is on them. And I’ll never be able to see Guillermo from What We Do in the Shadows without immediately thinking of Cado, thanks to her pointing out Cado’s Big Guillermo Energy on the pod.


Gita is always great no matter where she is or what she’s doing.


Gita is great but would be even better if she shared the recipe she used for vegan sour cream.

Truly love wanting to smash the egg.

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I was so excited for Gita to join the pod and it has been a blast every time she’s on. I don’t play all the sames games as she does, but I adore the way she talks about them. She has such a great rapport with the rest of the cast, and her writing always strikes a chord. Also that CK3 stream during Savepoint 2020 with Austin and Rob is all-time great Waypoint content


Gita was my favorite writer for Kotaku (and her videos with Tim Rogers were great). I love what she does for Waypoint, and while I don’t listen as religiously as I used to, I end up only listening to episodes she’s in. She’s great, and I’ll try and do a better job on here of writing what I like from the pod/writing of the waypoint crew


Gita is actually the person I liked first of the whole Waypoint crew - and tied for the first one I discovered - I listened to Match 3 back when that was a thing because I liked her perspective, and ended up liking Patrick and following them both to Kotaku and Waypoint. She’s still great on Waypoint Radio, and I like reading her articles about Sims stuff (and her review of CK3 was one of my faves for that game).


gita owns I love when shes on the podcast, shes very funny and I enjoy hearing her talk abt videogames