Gundam Battle Model Thread

Let’s post pics of our mechs! Mine looks WILD because I got these funky purples and I want to see everyone else’s!


I am not one to typically reroll but I think I have to in this case.



Wow…breezing through everything, but mission 6-11-1 absolutely wrecked me.
Maybe this is the soft paywall? feels like I’m gonna need significantly better parts to have a shot.

I think Chapter 6 in general is a soft stop. I’m bouncing off of 6-7-1.

I got lucky with some drops and now my Gundam looks Yolked


So I haven’t made a lot of progress in this game… does it introduce an autopilot or something similar at some point? I am all for building and customizing gunpla models but really dislike the combat and controls thus far. I am probably gonna bounce on this unless there is a very hands off way to play. I just wanna gamble on mech parts!

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yeah there’s an auto fight. It’s introduced pretty early on, maybe you just missed it. Look for a toggle on the screen right before you start a mission, and if you’re already in a mission there’s a toggle in the top right that iirc just says “auto.”

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Ah yeah I probably missed that. I have not really paid much attention to anything beyond amassing resources for rolls.

lol after some levelling up using free/daily missions and juggling some parts around, I managed to beat that one and turns out its the last story mission (currently) available.

Have they talked about adding more missions? Live updates and all that jazz?

They haven’t as far as I know, but the message when you go to try a story mission having done them all says something about “there are currently no story missions” which suggests there will probably be more.

Typically how these gacha games go is that there’s always a weeks long gap between major content drops. Just take the time to do your dallies or at least get the log-in bonus.

Since this is the first month, I think there’s an event soon.

Finished the story mode, currently putting around with the dailies. I don’t like the Gundams on sale right now so I’m just logging on for a mission or two, then hopping off. The story was fun though.

Does anyone know about this coming to Europe/English speaking countries outside the US? I want giant robots with ridiculous trousers!

if you luck out and gacha’d your way to one of the right parts (don’t remember the names of the sets but you only need one part in your whole mech), you get a multiplier on your event coins. It means I get 63 from one run of the hardest version of the event versus 9 without, which is pretty handy for cashing in for tune-up and upgrade components.

It’s Dynames and Exia right now, I believe.

I restarted, got a decent first roll, and am completely ignoring the story so the game and building is feeling more fun this time around. If folks are still playing, can we swap friend codes? Here’s me: E63NM91H4

My phone is just old enough that the game crashes as soon as there are too many units in a fight. But for something I can’t consistently play, I’ve been doing lots of rolling and building.

6 Screenshots

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I think I’m finally done with this game. It’s held me for a surprising length, but I guess this style of game isn’t for me. I like seeing the numbers go up, but not that much

Anyway, here’s my final cool robot.