Headcanon and Representation Are Important


This topic applies to everything, but I’m putting it under Games because it most directly pertains to what I’m writing. I just wanted a general place to talk about the importance of headcanon and representation, as it is something I’ve been thinking about recently.

Life is Strange is one of, if not my favorite game of all time. I’m not particularly ashamed about this fact, though if pressed I might admit that I think The Last of Us, or Morrowind, or Resident Evil 4 are better for numerous reasons. But where Life is Strange hits me is in the relationship between Max and Chloe- both in the game, and outside of it. Ellie in The Last of Us is the only other character in a video game I relate to as strongly, and it probably says something that I played Left Behind and Life is Strange at about the same time. That, and read Young Avengers and Hawkeye. When I think about pop culture that has affected my life, it’s those four. All of them present realistic LGBTQ+ characters, and that was something a young Rebecca needed in her life. They are why I will fight for the importance of representation. And yes, I realize headcanon is very different, but it applies similarly. Pricefield and Amerikate are ships that I support because they have affected me on an emotional level that nothing else really has. They’ve helped me come to terms with my sexuality in a way that no “official” relationship has. So, yeah. I just wanted a thread to get that all out. I know it wasn’t written particularly eloquently, but I’m tired and this is very hard to put into words satisfactorily.

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This would fit in well in this thread: LGBTQ+ rep in video games

Having headcanons is good and can be important for folks. But I’ve also seen cases where people have tried to prop their headcanon up as the actual canon and, uh…no.

No, let’s not start wars that way.