Here's Your First Look at the New 'Age of Empires'

Microsoft just announced Ages of Empires IV, a sequel to the beloved real-time strategy series.. It’s a short trailer, just a minute log, but we got our first glimpse of gameplay and a small description of what the game will be. Predictably, it features mounted troops massed outside the castle walls. Trebuchets launched munitions. Red and Blue armored warriors ran towards each other. You know, just Age of Empires stuff. The game is being made by Relic, which previously made celebrated RTS games like Homeworld and Company of Heroes.

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Really curious that they would retread the medieval age, when Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition just came out this week. I mean, I get that AoE2 is the most popular one, so this is basically a sequel to AoE2 specifically. I was hoping if they were going to go back to a previous era, they would go use the ancient period, since imo, AoE 1 doesn’t hold up quite as well as the rest of the games in the series, and also generally speaking that era is less well represented in gaming than medieval games are.

It still looks very good though! Trebuchets are very iconic in AoE

Looks really slick thus far. I’ll be over the moon if civs like the Mongols can pack up all their shit and move with it.

I’m really interested to see how the competitive AoE community will take to this. At the moment it mostly revolves around a couple of versions of AoEII and has a fairly engaging scene. Will IV be able to take the to spot?