Hitman 2: anyone excited?

I didn’t play Hitman until after Giant Bomb did their videos on it and everything. A year after its release, I love my time with the game. I am absolutely excited for 2. Curious what people think of it not coming out episodically and instead being full priced like the norm?


pretty disappointed it’s not episodic, because imo the episodic nature was one of the brilliant things about the game. Because only one map came out at a time, I found myself really playing maps over and over, completing specific challenges and really learning each map’s ins and outs. One of the most rewarding things about the game to me was the feeling that I had mastered a map, that I knew a 100% safe way to get into every location and find all the items I needed, so that when the game threw challenges like Elusive Targets I felt like my experience with the maps gave me a big advantage.

I think that if the game wasn’t episodic I would have just moved on after completing a map once, and maybe not have even replayed a map ever after “beating” the game. I will be interested to see what the developers do to the sequel to encourage that replayability without literally not letting you access all the maps right away.


I’m not surprised that the episodic thing got dropped. I personally didn’t buy the game until all the content was out anyway, so it’s not a huge difference to me personally in how it will all play out. I’m very excited for it, although I need to finish off the original first. I stalled hard on Marakesh trying to get full mastery, and that level takes forever because so many objectives need the targets to move across the entire map. I should just give up on that and power through the rest.

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I really enjoyed the episodic nature of the original making you play one level at a time. I may just self impose a rule to get full mastery before moving on to next level.

I assume they still do something to keep players engaged over a longer period of time rather than just launch. But I can’t see anything bringing players back or new players more than a new map.

I just hope that IO does the right thing now that Sean Bean is talking over the trailer and does a series of elusive targets that are just a bunch of Sean Bean’s former roles.


I’m a little bummed it’s not episodic, since that seemed like a really cool way to release the game that played to it’s strengths really well. But, I didn’t actually end up playing the first one until it had fully come out anyway, so it won’t ultimately be all that different for me. Bummer about non-episodic structure aside though, I am SO fucking pumped for this. Hitman’s style of heavily simulated miniature open-world level design is one of my favorite video game things I’ve ever played and I absolutely cannot wait to see what wild new levels they come up with for this one! The potential the Formula 1 race in the trailer presents already has my imagination going all sorts of places.

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I’m excited and also love that this is one of the first screenshots of the game


god… this is going to be very good

The fuckin low-key interest/design check on Hitman Co-op they put in that Sniper Assassin thing seems real weird n neat, though now that they’re showing co-op characters as rad people of colour I’m going to be spending a lot of my time wishing they’d let you play those characters instead of 47 in the main game. Would make the still-awkward “assassination tourism” angle a touch less weird, that’s for sure.

I mean

just lookit these snipin buds! you can even play as a lady! with that hair!! i wanna hit men with that hair!!!


While I’m a tad disappointed that it won’t be episodic for the same reasons others have mentioned on here, I am SO ready to spend some more time assassinating people in ridiculous fashion. It was easily my GOTY for 2016.

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Do we think this will be the content originally planned for season two? Another advantage of episodic was giving time to polish each level at a time. This being a year later than that season was original reported to start before square stuff maybe takes away those concerns.

I get where y’all are coming from, but I bought and played the first one well after all episodes had been released and had no problem not playing the next level until I was Done with the previous one.

Anyway, did they say anything about the always online stuff? That’s probably the only thing that has been occasionally bothering me with Hitman 2006.

Anyone know if this is tied into “season 1” with regards to the unlocks there? I’d be a bit disappointed if it’s fully standalone because I liked the concept, but I guess I’ll just have to deal if it’s not.

Feels like I’m repeating what has already been said, but I also did not play episodic, and I replayed those maps over and over. People are gonna play the game if they like it, just like any other game.

I’m extremely excited about this, and very happy they are bringing back the sniper challenge stuff (even if I hope that content hasn’t infringed on the production of the regular content).

IOI has confirmed that unlocks from Season 1 will transfer in some way to Hitman 2.


Those aren’t Formula 1 cars. They look like Le Mans Prototypes, which would make it endurance racing. It would be a bit odd for a death in an F1 race. There’s only been one in the past two decades, and the guy did survive for 10 months after the crash.

This needs to be a competitive mode too, with one player actually infiltrating the map to make the hit. We are so close to Hitman Spy Party!

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Y’all I’m so pumped!!! Hitman from 2016 was one of my favorite games of that year. I’m incredibly excited to see what they follow up with. If they stay on the track they were on in that game, then I have very high hopes. I’m trying not to just gush but golly do I love the Himan series

The Sniper Assassin mode looks quite interesting! I also love sniping so that’s no shocker. I’m honestly tempted to pre-order it!

I’m so looking forward to this. Kind of wish it was episodic, part of why the last Hitman was so successful is that the episodic nature actively made you focus on each level as it came, rather than a conventional game where you would perhaps plough through it without stopping to admire the scenery. Perhaps they have their reasons, maybe they have numbers that prove otherwise, perhaps now they’re fully independent they need a normal release.

The sniper mode looks really fun. The whole thing with the basejumper. I love the way they inject story into the environment.

Have they made an E3 level yet? I’d love to see Agent 47 dressing up as a YouTube influencer to be walked through game demos before performing an elaborate kill during a press conference.


“Another welcome feature, which will surely delight fans of the sniper rifle, is Agent 47’s briefcase. You can break down and transport a sniper rifle and other long guns much more easily now without having to worry about someone seeing it. The briefcase can also hold other items.”