HONK. SQUAD. - PUBG, New Patch, New Custom Rules

The Waypoint Discord is real fond of custom game rules in PUBG. Everyone by now should know about Winters. Well, there’s a big new update that just released and with it we can take things even further down the rabbit hole of squad nonsense.

I give you Honk Squad.

  • The goal is really simple: The team drops and immediately tries to find as many Jeeps and Dacias as they can divide among them (Sadly bike, buggy and boats are bad, for they do not honk. B-B-B-bad) Once in a vehicle, *honk frequently and furiously. Attack any squads you come across by charging into them while honking. Never stop honking. You must honk before running someone over. Honk to celebrate your victory. Keep driving and honking until the car is no longer able to sustain damage without blowing up. You’ll find more honks to honk.

  • If a teammate has no vehicle, they’re allowed to provide cover fire. The honking chaotic mess around you might even help.

  • After your team has successfully killed someone with a vehicle, you’re allowed to lessen the honk squad charge. If so, just utter “beep beep” in voice chat periodically, to honor Honk Squad.

Beep beep I’m in a Jeep

*P.S.: Honking is done with Left Click.

It’s getting pretty late here for me, so my Waypoint teammates might be able to structure this much better. The main gist is: Kill people with the power of honking.

Join us on the Waypoint Discord. There is usually at least one 4-man squad ready to play. People there can also provide you with some answers for any questions you should have.

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You can shoot people, to be clear.
You just need to be blooded first.

We highly recommend some light looting.
Turns out you can drive for a lot longer if you’re wearing a helmet (and ideally a vest).

Daav left out, unfortunately, the value of honking.
To honk is to strike fear into the hearts of “friends”.
To honk is to kill the same person twice, for they die already in mind and soul before you hit them with your bumper.