How the Queer Indie Game 'Gone Home' Influenced 'Prey'

We spoke with Arkane lead Designer Ricardo Bare about writing the game's characters, D&D-loving space lesbians, and actions that speak louder than words.

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It a good example of LGBT in a game that isn’t forcing it. Sure the things that happen to them may not be for the best but the relationship they have in the game world show proper representation and not being a stereotype.

While I like seeing more LGBTQ representation, I wish there was more variety in the type stories creators tell about us.

Unrelated, but in paragraph 5, the word lesbians is misspelled :frowning:

Real talk: Danielle’s enthusiastic repping of the queer content in Prey (and also the GLOO gun) was what convinced me to pull the trigger on buying it at full price. Thanks, Danielle!

A part of me wishes there was a cute lil’ gay romance to accompany Prey’s tales of lesbians in space, but… maybe in the sequel? Perhaps we can find a super long email chain describing the office’s Drag Race 20XX betting pool in excruciating detail? Dare I dream?

That probably the next and important step. I can imagine next year games having a Queer character as a lead.

While I have no idea what the cannon was, my Mass Effect 1-3 Shepherd was a Bi dude. He started a relationship with Liara in the first game, continued it into the second game, and discovered there was something there with Kaiden the whole time and broke up with Liara to be with him.
While technically the game wasn’t advertised as having a queer lead, I feel like I got that with the first trilogy and it was the first game series that I felt treated orientation in a honest and genuine way.
While the ability to choose your character’ orientation is great, it does seem like being straight is the default or only option, with queer identities relegated optional paths in big budget games. I think we’re making progress but I’d like to see more.