How To Recruit Dedue in 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses'

You can't.

That was my sad realization on this episode of Waypoint Radio. All those shared moments together, the cooking, the meals, what were they all for if I can never really be besties with Dedue? You can hear my heart break in real time on the full episode and read a excerpt below.

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I also tried to recruit Dedue to the Empire early in my run until I learned I couldn’t. I still cherish our time together cooking.

Also, I miss Natalie, especially since she’s tweeted at least once that she’s playing FE3H. We need her perspective on all this anime that’s taken over Waypoint.


Small typo here:

Cadp: I spent all this time and effort really trying to be a good friend to Dedue.”

Anyway, I think I’m losing my marbles trying to see if Hilda can actually be recruited??? People seem to say she is when you’re not under Golden Deer, which would be cool, if that didn’t break the whole pattern with retainers (and why her and not Dedue?!)

I have heard she’s recruitable by Blue Lions, but not Black Eagles? I certainly remember having a menu after conversations with her, and having thought “that’s weird, Golden Deer doesn’t have a retainer character like Black Eagles (and presumably Blue Lions, though I was playing them and couldn’t know for sure) do”.

Believe gender might play a role for Hilda, as well? At any rate as fem Byleth in Black Eagles I can’t even return lost items to her.

I think there’s a specific month where Hilda is recruitable, For BE anyway it’s right before the skip, but only one of the paths can do it. You just have to spend the time having tea and eating meals with her up to then because you can’t do anything else. For Blue Lions idk but googling says it’s doable

Couldn’t do it as M Byleth either. I looked it up and everyone was saying that you can’t do anything with her if you’re in another house, but I’ve been able to ask about recruitment during Blue Lions’ first few chapters so far.

Hilda has some… weird stuff going on as far as recruitment. I looked it up because I was curious as to why I picked up Hilda’s lost items as Black Eagles even though I wasn’t given the ability to give them back to her. She seems to be available early in a Blue Lions route but late in a Black Eagles route.

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Hilda in Black Eagles cannot receive gifts/lost items or be recruited until chapter 12 (the one before timeskip). If you (BE chapter 11 spoilers) side with Edelgard you simply cannot recruit her under any circumstances.

Hilda rules y’all should all count yourselves lucky you can recruit her imo

I’m like 90% settled on Black Eagles when I next go through but Dedue is a compelling argument otherwise. He seems really neat!
(post timeskip, Golden Deer, towards the end) I made sure he survived the fight in Edelgard’s castle and I’m a little disappointed I didn’t then get an epilogue page for him.

Oh, man, I saw this thread and was so excited for Cado that he had found a way to recruit Dedue. Now I’m disappointed for him again.

as a semi tea snob, even I cannot believe Cado’s heel turn from “kombucha is acceptable tea time drink choice” to “Well Actually chamomile isn’t tea.” what a dramatic episode of Waypoint.


Tea snob approaches.
Okay. Tea only being a specific thing made from a specific plant isn’t a thing anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. Tea only coming from tea leaves is a bad take, like a really bad take. There are records of people calling herbal concoctions ‘tea’ way back in ye olde China. Sometimes being technically correct makes you wrong.
It’s also not how language works. All the herbal teas are teas now because that’s what the overwhelming majority of people mean. It all comes in a bag now and you put the water over it and it’s tea. You can sit around with your machine that heats the water to the perfect temperature for your pearls of authentic tea rolled by people who could be doing other things with their time but make pennies to give you a luxury tea experience and scoff at someone over brewing their gingerbread spice holiday tea, but you’d just be a jerk.
That’s kind of the problem with tea. The gatekeepers of tea are all real jerks about it, often even when they don’t intend to. There’s such a barrier of entry (and a big price jump) from getting tea bags from wal mart to going to teavanna and having someone get loose leaf tea for you or ordering from adagio. But being obstinate about only tea made from one kind of leaf being tea is the first way to make sure your hobby stays pure.
Now that I’m done being a jerk. CW diet and food stuff coming.

This is from like two episodes ago but I can’t find the thread because the naming systems are just total bleeping garbage. But keto is dangerous and people should be careful. Actual ketosis is a state your body should only ever be in if you’re under dr supervision. It was designed for people with epilepsy. It is a very concerning trend. Actually forcing your body to grab energy from itself is super not okay. No one was advocating it, but it came up in some discussion of cheese and was just casually dropped in, and I just think a lot of people don’t know it’s bad news.


For the discussion happening with Hilda with regards to recruitment: My read on her (as someone who picked Golden Deer) is that she’s very much the “retainer” character for Claude. The two have a close, platonic relationship, and near the end of the game it’s implied she will become a close confidant in the future, and shes one of the only characters who “figures him out”, so to speak, regarding Claude’s history and personality. I also know some stuff about the Blue Lions route because a friend chose them, so It’s not surprising to me that it would be difficult for a Black Eagles Byleth to recruit her specifically.

Also, Dedue fucking rules.

Hey, does anyone know the name / location of the beginner Dwarf Fortress stream series that was mentioned on this episode or the previous one?


Youtube Playlist for Jack de Quidt’s DF tutorial stuff for anyone interested.

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