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Any Thumbs in Lobby 1?


is this the 47th brain

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I started listening after they were on the bombcast and wow those guys are really good at what they do! the history podcast is really great imo and i love the show Danielle and Rob do. Didn’t like firewatch tho

Definitely a Thumbs fan. I started listening with their Kickstarter and continued even when I didn’t play video games for like a year. Those guys know how to do a podcast.

Started with episode 2 way back when and contributed to their KS. I listen to basically all their shows now that they’ve branched off into so many different podcast topics and hosts.

I’m a longtime fan of the Thumbs and would listen to basically anything they do but I wish Important if True toned it down a bit with the robot talk.

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Since people are giving histories, I guess I’ll pitch in my own. Idle Thumbs was my first podcast, which I found when I typed “video game podcast” into Google, searching for something to occupy the time spent walking to class. I was hooked by the music c/o Chris Remo which appeared often enough to be a regular feature in the early days. After listening to the entire archive over weeks and months, I immediately started again from the beginning, desperate for more content but knowing none would be forthcoming. This was the period before the Kickstarter so the last episode at the time was Games Kasavin. After finishing a second full run, lo and behold, the Kickstarter appeared. I promptly backed and have been listening every week since.

Yea, they still seem to be searching for their groove on that show.

I love their deep dives into games, but I don’t quite jive with ‘Important if True’ yet.

Three Moves Ahead (hosted by Waypoint’s own Rob Zacny, at least most weeks) is a great strategy/wargaming podcast. They stretch ‘strategy’ quite a bit and cover all sorts of things under that tent - I particularly enjoy when they occasionally do a board gaming episode, like the one on Star Wars Rebellion a few months back.

They really knocked one out of the park with Something True.

I don’t even remember how I found the podcast, but I’ve been listening since pre-Kickstarter days and was a backer for that. One of the best podcasts in the day for really starting to tune my mind to think about games on a different level, they have a very unique perspective.

Grew up surrounded by Chaotic Evil Gamer Bros, then in my early 20s I found Idle Thumbs via a random google search for video game podcasts and it was kinda the first time I was exposed to people talking about my favorite thing without being goblins about it. Maybe biased because of that, but I’ll always have a soft spot for anything they put out. Like, i’ll watch streams or LPs or TV shows while i’m working/distracted, but thumbs-stuff is one of my gotos for actually paying attention to something

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I loved Idle Thumbs, and I could see Important If True coming for a while. They were drifting off game talk and more into the meandering about robots, pop culture and other things.

I listened to the first eight episodes of IIT and after that, I couldn’t do it. I really enjoyed some of the trains of thought they got on, but these boys are so obsessed with robots in particular and at some point, I just can’t go with them.

I want to pop in a little further down the road to find out how many more of the connected brains have been discovered and if they’ve settled into a more regular structure, though.

Idle Thumbs was one of the first games podcasts I listened to (the other being The Gamespy Debriefings and TalkRadar, both now defunct) and while I’m still a lil sad that it’s not the Primary Thumbs Product, I’ve enjoyed basically everything on the network.

I wasn’t super feeling Important If True but it’s grown on me. I do love me some robot talk

It’s a lot more freeform-conversational, which is a mixed bag. It kind of requires really enjoying just hearing the hosts talk

Yea, and generally I do! I’m surprised IFT hasn’t hooked me. I actually love when on Idle Thumbs they go on random ass tangents. But for some reason when it’s ALL tangent I’m not as interested.

Important if true is great because it’s reawakened my deep fear of robots…I love you robot.

There’s a layer of Firewatch that’s interesting if you were someone who listened to Idle Thumbs near its beginning. You can see a lot of the discussions they have over the years congeal.

Not that it’s the privileged reading / experience of Firewatch, but as a Thumbs listener it was a layer to the game I could sense throughout.


the first thing i noticed when playing firewatch was the Far Cry 2-style map, lmao

This is also definitely something I felt when playing Gone Home as well, thinking back to Steve talking about small, high-density exploration games.