If there was a sandwich named after you, what would it be?

Another dive into the question bucket! You walk into a restaurant, it says your name on the menu. The Tuck and Roll would be New Orleans as fuck. Gambino bread, and I would find someone to combine the seafood from a po boy and the olive tapenade from a muffuletta. Served with Voodoo kettle chips and a nice Abita.



idk what else would be on the sandwich tho

The JoelDull:
Peanut butter, turkey, and dill pickle on white bread.

It would be called “Perfection” and it would just be a turkey reuben, extra cheese, little easy on the sauerkraut, added spicy mustard. You can’t beat 100%.

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A chicken tender sub but if you tip all the chicken to one side the bread has my Tokyo Afterschool Summoners friend code written on it in ketchup.

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Someone fought hard for cheddar slices laid over beef slices.

The B.E.N.J.

just bacon, egg, 'n jelly on a nice toasted bagel

(or replace the bacon and egg with your own favorite ‘Breakfast Eats’)

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The Glorgu is two slices of toasted sourdough topped with a decadent layer of the finest Glorgoo.

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It’s just… a cup of coffee???

Is coffee a Sandwich?

Is A Hot Mess already taken? I feel like that covers me.

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goretex and some non-descript military ration with a light drizzling of piss

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The EXWeis is a glass of whiskey w/ coke. Also it comes with a ham sandwich with honey mustard, pickles, lettuce, provolone and avocado* on sourdough.

*Emil from Robo-Cop

The Theodore sandwich is peanut butter, scrambled eggs, parmesan with sauteed mushroom, garlic, and peppers on sourdough rye.

Turkey, avocado, and pepper jack on a dutch crunch roll.

Ainda Style

its just a cubano with a potato cake on it

The Meh.
It’s okay, I guess. Nobody got sick eating that, at least. It probably wasn’t necessary to roast all the ingredients beforehand…

A piece of white bread with mayonnaise on it but only covering half because it’s too much effort to finish the full job.

The Rory A Sourdough Patty Melt Medium rare, Grilled onions mixed with diced Jalapeno. With Pepperjack cheese. Serve with a side of Curly fries and a Dr Pepper. optional sweet chilli sauce or bbq sauce to dip curly fries in

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It would be a hot dog.

The Velocirapture

Wholemeal bread cos this is about as healthy as you’ll get.
Mayonaise spread at top
Guacamole spread at bottom
Cajun Chicken diced
Crispy Smoked Bacon
Chorizo - or a spicy pepperoni will do.
Maybe a dash of Nando’s sauce as spicy as you want.

I’m very aroused right now.