Is ketchup a good condiment?

  • Yes
  • No

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Or is it something parents use to get kids to eat unfamiliar food?

When I was younger, I was a ketchup fiend, I’d put it with nearly anything, but now I just find it gross. Ketchup is watery goop with too much sugar and it tends to make my teeth hurt, now I’m much more of a fan of spicy mustard or bbq sauce, or even better, I like it when my food is just properly seasoned and I can save the condiments for sandwiches.

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I like it on onion rings and fast food fries and it is WORTHLESS for anything else

Mustard for life!


I like it on some brugers and that’s like, it.

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I have never understood why anyone would ruin the salty, slightly crunchy experience of french fries by making them soggy and sweet.

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It’s trash and I love trash


Ketchup fuckin’ rules but ketchup that’s too sweet sucks.


Unpopular opinion: ketchup is a great way to add umami to a savory dish!!!


No, it’s The Best Condiment

Ban me mods

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In case people missed it waaay back in the day, the Waypoint gang got controversial with condiment talk back in Episode 81 beginning about 46:40.

Spoiler: Rob is wrong


You’re fired.

I don’t know what you do, but you’re fired.

There’re no good condiments, just boring or badly prepared foods.

Like any condiment, ketchup is fine if you like it.
(Brown sauce, and Mayonnaise, however, are each superior to it, in different directions.)

What the hell is “brown sauce”? We have a British imports section in the grocery store I work at and there’s something called “fruity brown sauce” which just sounds like the worst

Yes, with a preference for the really strong, vinegary stuff. Short of something like fries though, I tend to use it in tandem with other sauces.

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“Fruity” sounds suss but brown sauce is delicious with meats, have it for meat and potato type dishes over here in Norway.

Imo ketchup is bleh, you’re usually gonna find much more preferable condiments for whatever you’re having I’m sure.

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I will be the heretic and claim that while I don’t dip my fries in ketchup, unless I’m getting the full Chicago treatment on my hot dog I do enjoy some ketchup on there…

Small amount of ketchup on burgers or hot dogs, more for chicken nuggets or strips, more for fries.

Keep it away from other foods.

Ketchup is good, and frankly who cares what other people enjoy eating? If people like it, they like it. I enjoy ketchup on your stereotypical stuff, but the one thing I don’t enjoy that others do is ketchup on eggs. Can’t do it.

This really turned, I was mortified when I voted and saw it at like 9-2 earlier. I’m glad y’all warmed up to the only condiment I can do.

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