Is Yoshi a wizard?

he can spit fireballs; is this herbal magic along the lines of a Witcher?

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no he’s a magical creature. A fantastic beast, if you will, and where to find him is inside an egg.

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Is Yoshi a sandwich?


Clearly yoshi has transcended sandwich-hood and can therefore join other non-.sandwiches such as burgers and hot dogs.
(i am so sorry)

Yoshi strikes me as a druid, drawing inspiration and strength from the (woolly) world around him

He’s closer to a dragon.

Dragons can spit fireballs.

Are dragons wizards?

Have you ever seen a dragon learn from a book?? They can breathe fire whenever. Dragons and Yoshi are both elemental mages.

And Mario’s an alchemist for that matter.

He absolutely is, but less in terms of “casting magical spells” and more “helping you install new video drivers”.

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yes because like lord of the rings they come in many colors

oh right yeah, like Gandalf the Hot Pink and 4 multicoloured hatch mates, i remember that part too!

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