It’s Official, Here’s the Trailer for the ‘Resident Evil 3’ Remake

Sony revealed the first trailer for the Resident Evil 3 remake today during its State of Play. Artwork leaked to the PlayStation store earlier this month suggested that the remake was coming, but the trailer is the first official confirmation from developer Capcom. Resident Evil 3 tells the story of Jill Valentine—one of the heroes of the original game—as she navigates Raccoon City pursued by Nemesis, a horrifying monster sent by the Umbrella Corporation to destroy S.T.A.R.S.

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Is it just the forum that is participating in solidarity with the YouTube walkout?


Much like the original Resident Evil 3… a quicker turnaround than I was expecting.

This was only organized for the forums and the community discord.

That said, we will be removing links from the article posts where we can in the coming days. This isn’t always possible given how articles are posted to the forums, but we will be checking to remove them where possible.

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