It Seems True Cross-Play Is Finally Coming to PlayStation 4

The dream of cross-play, allowing people to play the same game across different platforms, is nearly here. Buried in a Wired interview about Sony’s ongoing flirtation with cloud gaming, there’s a note about how “the PS4’s cross-play efforts have officially moved out of the beta stage,” starting with games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. (Hat tip to IGN for noticing.)

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Jeff Gerstmann was talking about playing the Beta on PC with Xbox and PS4 players. It just auto matched him to controller matches when he started using a controller.

As weird as the MW franchise is, I can see this particular game having a HUGE life online.

Edit: Also, having just watched the story trailer recently. I wonder if they’ll let you play as the YPJ offline or online. My guess is that they’re rewriting the group to not be so lefty, knowing apolitical video games.

Yeah I’m pretty excited to know that the CoD audience on PC isn’t going to dry up rather quickly like it kind of has the past few years.

Now that’s Sony’s finally got the PS4 in the right spot in regard to cross-play let’s hope the next generation of consoles will support it 100% with no issues.

One of my favorite aspects of playing Dauntless was seeing the platform icons next to players’ names. Like, here I am, out hunting with my PS4, X1, and PC buds like it’s no big deal. I didn’t end up sticking with the game, but it did feel like a cool glimpse of the future. Good to hear that it’s going to happen more and more going forward.

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Wonder if crossplay will put the idea of paying for xbox live or ps+ in jeopardy? I’m not paying for multiplayer so why should they? I also only bought consoles to play online with my non-pc friends so I’m not sure if I’d buy the next ones.

I’m not necessarily convinced that they’ll totally do away with needing to pay for online, but I do wonder if Microsoft and Sony have positioned themselves to have alternative revenue streams if they start allowing online play for free. I’m mainly wondering if they transition to having various subscription services such as Game Pass, PSNow, Project xCloud, etc. end up standing on their own. It will at least be interesting to see where the next generation of consoles take us as far as the services side of games goes.

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