Kamiko for Switch

$5 indie game on Switch that’s well worth the purchase. I was a little turned off by the Hyper Light Drifter looking stage because I thought this was a cheap knock off. But the game is fun to play through multiple times with the different characters. I wish the combat was a little more nuanced and a bit harder. Definitely a hidden gem!

Looked it up, and here’s the trailer:

Looks nice, brighter than Hyper Light Drifter really, it’s closer to the Zelda source. I’d pick it up for a fiver, seems like a nice solid game.

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Thanks for posting the trailer!

I have picked it up, but I’m actually yet to start it up!

I’ve heard it’s pretty short, so I’ll just have to tackle it one afternoon.

I’d love more small experiences like this on Switch.

Where the costs makes it relatively low risk

I made a Japanese Amazon account so I could get an eShop card to buy this game on the Japanese store! It totally wasn’t worth the effort because it only came out like, a week earlier there. I enjoyed it a lot, though. Fairune, the developer’s previous game was a cool 3DS game imo so I had this on my radar.

Yeah it’s a really awesome game, especially considering the price. I finished my first playthrough in an hour. Going to try the other two characters next.

I’m looking for the hidden stuff in each level now, having finished with all characters. Presumably will unlock that ??? option in the menu.

It’s well good!

Having beaten the game with all 3 characters I’m wondering what the purpose to the sword user is. Her attacks do the least damage and leave you the most open to attacks. Maybe she’s just there to raise the difficulty?

Regardless, this game was definitely worth the $5 and i hope we’ll see more games like it on switch. And i also hope we’ll see it at agdq since it seems to be built for speed running.

I think this is going to be my next Switch purchase, it looks pretty cool.