Logan Paul Wears First Edition Pokémon Card Necklace to Floyd Mayweather Fight

Charizard had a front row seat to last night’s boxing match between YouTuber Logan Paul and legend Floyd Mayweather. The pair went eight rounds and though Mayweather landed the majority of the punches, he couldn’t put Paul on the mat. 

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I understand that Vice probably still has, like, pageview metrics or whatever that they want y’all to hit but this is really the exact kind of article that I’m hoping we’ll see less of because of the Waypoint+ support. Maybe it’s too soon after the launch for things to really take effect but I just wanted to say something, y’know.


We live in the dumbest cyberpunk future


This times a billion.

I believe editorial feedback can be delivered to gaming AT vice DOT com

I agree but I kind of like any article that’s taking a shot at Logan Paul. I’m also going to guess that a piece like this does not take the same amount of resources to write as say Patrick’s new article on TikTok’s influence on game marketing


I really cherish my time here and everybody in this community, but I would not have known any of this if not for being so active around here.

So thanks for that. :frowning:


I hate every article that brings up the Pokemon card market because it always reminds me that I got a Charizard in my first ever pack. I was a dummy kid who got easily convinced to trade it with another card.

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Honestly I’m cool with seeing this event covered here, but it need a much more critical approach. The event itself is a weird amalgamation of recent media and market phenomena (YouTube stardom, market manipulation by small groups of people, the increasingly refined commodification of nostalgia, the sport of boxing, etc, there are so many angles!) but the article reads almost like an ad at points (no one got hurt and everyone made money!). It’s only at the end that there are vague hints of any critical/analytical insight and then the article abruptly ends. A more in depth article that could spark a conversation on the pod on this event would be great, but this didn’t get there for me.


Honestly I’m going to slightly defend this. Not because I read it and think it’s good. I didn’t read it, and won’t. But I got all worked up with the Cyberpunk coverage way back when that was all happening and then realized it was my fault for reading it all. I can safely scroll past this and here too life will carry on.

WaypointWithACarrot is exciting and I can’t wait to see what that provides for us. But it’s never going to eliminate the need for some number of clicks. Unless someone tells me there’s something more substantively problematic in this piece, it’s “whatevs” from me. WaypointPlus can’t singlehandedly turn the tide on the click-economy.