Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

So Capcom have officially announced that they’re doing a second Mega Man Collection, this time containing Mega Man 7,8,9,and 10. It seeks like they’ll have the same extensive treatment with challenges and even more art including stuff from the Gameboy games.

I’ve mixed feelings on these. I really liked 7 and 8 due to their pure charm and the way they played with the structure of the series and incorporated weapons into the environment. A lot of fans of the series seem to have a real distaste for them tho and I’m kind of anxious that it’ll be another hate fest for em.

Likewise I like the idea of Mega Man 9 and 10, but I ended up not being able to enjoy them at all. Losing the slide and charge felt weird and it ended up feeling kind of sour to get a nostalgia grab after the lush 2D art of the previous game. Plus Inti Creates have never made an action game that has reasonable demands of the player and they didn’t stop here. For whatever reason these games felt way harder than the others.

I’m also kind of bummed that Rockman and Forte wasn’t included. I know it’s a weird black sheep and half sequel but it did legitimately interesting things, even if it was too hard. It would also be a chance to give it a proper translation and port instead of that botch job that was the GBA version, which lost screen space and had awful sound.

Anyhow, how do y’all feel about this? Are there any games you’re looking forward to revisiting? Any of them you wish were included in here?

I’m one of those folks that dislikes 7 and 8 strongly so this release kind of means nothing to me. If I wasn’t hyper-broke I’d get it because it’d be nice to have 9 and 10 on a disk but in general this feels really cheap. Even if it had no challenges and just an art gallery or something that would more than be made up for with a few more games on it.

I kind of hate that we never got that collection of GB games and that Mega Man Xtreme 1 and 2 are basically lost to time if you’re not into emulation.

Also like most folks have been saying Mega Man and Bass not being on here is really lame. They have an English localization of it already via the GBA port.

I am a big fan of the series but I just can’t find any real interest here. At this point I own most of the series on my 3DS so I havent had an urge to pursue the Legacy Collections…

That being said I would snatch up a Mega Man X collection in a heartbeat

I feel like a ball was dropped here. I mean, it’s a given that it would be Mega Man 7-10, but they could have dipped in to spinoffs to provide supplemental material.

I know it’s not very highly regarded, but what about Mega Man Soccer? Where’s Mega Man & Bass? They could’ve dipped in to some really obscure places, too, and given us the arcade games (Power Fighters and Power Battle), and it would’ve even been a good chance to make good on putting out that localized version of Mega Man: Battle & Chase they failed to release some 20-odd years ago.

Even just one of those games added to this collection would’ve made it a little better.

In the highest of my impossible hopes, I had secretly hoped for something like Rockman 7 FC to be included, which is a demake of Mega Man 7 that makes it play more like the NES games, and legitimately improves the game quite a bit as a result. I know they’d never, ever, ever do something like that, but it’s one of those “boy it’d be nice if they did” kinds of things. (There’s also a Rockman 8 FC)

Otherwise… well, yeah. Legacy Collection 1 is great, but the games in Legacy Collection 2… there’s just not enough of them, and they aren’t good enough.

Yeah, this just feels underwhelming. Only four games, two of which aren’t nostalgia titles but games that were released digitally last console generation, and when paired with the original six OG Mega Man games, it’s arguable that most of the four don’t even fit into the top ten. On top of that, it’s bizarre that the collection isn’t coming to either the 3DS or the Switch given that Capcom went to the trouble of making a Mega Man amiibo for the 3DS version of the first Legacy Collection.

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It’s good that they’re re-bundling these in a new (and, hopefully, easily accessible) package, but I kinda feel some of the hesitancy, especially around skipping out on a game like Megaman & Bass, which is basically Mega Man 8.5. I’m not gonna say that I’m interested in this (because, well, I’m not), but it’ll at least make 7-10 more accessible.

@Blaze it’s a bummer also because they already put out the arcade games with the 15th Anniversary collection. they also had Battle and Chase on the Mega Man X collection, but I never got to play it because you had to beat X1-3 in order to unlock it.

Yikes. X1 and X2 aren’t so bad (I’m awful at Mega Man games and even I can beat X1 without breaking too much of a sweat) but forcing you to beat X3 is rough. Any time I’ve tried to play that and I usually get a game over before I reach any of the Maverick bosses.

that game has some really cool ideas but is super tough and definitely way waaaaay too long for its own good. i’ve beat maybe one Maverick to be honest.