Michael B. Jordan in upcoming Rooster Teeth Anime

Hey just wondering what your guys thoughts are on this new Michael B Jordan anime he’s leading from Rooster Teeth!? http://variety.com/2018/digital/news/michael-b-jordan-rooster-teeth-genlock-anime-1202815875/

As a big RT fan, its been really cool watching them grow from a spare bedroom in the pre-youtube era to a like 300 person company signing MBJ and Rob McElhenney.

I have some opinions about RT, if I’m being honest with you. Like, the animation department is overworked and underpaid; they’re always on crunch. The quality of their work is evident of that. I don’t think RWBY is a good show, but that’s mostly down to the writing team’s inability and/or lack of willingness to properly understand just what the fuck they’re talking about in terms of politics.

Anyway, they either must be paying MBJ really well or he’s super into the project. I’m thinking it’s the former, to be honest.

Its a shame you cant get into Rwby, I’ve been really enjoying it, especially later seasons (It does get alot better if you quit early!). In regards to the animation dept i’d need to see a source on that because I haven’t seen that at all. On the contrary it seems like RT is a really open as far as media companies go and Miles and Kerry don’t exactly strike me as task masters haha.

Regarding MBJ I do genuinely think its passion for the project. MBJ’s production company is involved as a joint venture and its not like RT is a hollywood studio.

We know MBJ is into anime, and working with an american company that created an anime good enough to air on broadcast TV in Japan would be where I’d go too.

I too have opinions about RT.

I was in the room when Monty (RIP) debuted RWBY’s first few minutes of episode 1 at a panel at RTX2013. I was excited for it but once it finally came out I realized after a few episodes it had a real problem establishing rules in this universe and following them. Everything, especially with the action, was just cool for cool’s sake and I can totally understand if someone doesn’t care about that and even enjoys that but I for me it was a real barrier to get into the show and I stopped watching.

I’ve actually completely stopped watching RT content, I watched Laser Team out of curiosity and because I have a Red subscription but that is the last thing I watched of theirs. I do feel a little guilty, I have a friend (more of an acquaintance these days) that works there as an editor for AH so I sometimes think I should be watching but there’s just so much to watch already and I don’t put them on the backlog because haven’t liked what they do anymore.

I will admit I harbor some resentment towards RT from the slow slide they facilitated in their community from a fun and inclusive one to, last time I interacted with it, a very toxic one. That resentment might be painting my opinion of their content, but then again their shift to more broadly appealing content I have little reverence for is a throughline to their shitty combative community these days IMO.

Ya cool for cool’s sake was sorta Monty’s M.O. (RIP) but i do think they’ve made an effort to add more substance to the plot and characters as its gone on. The animation is also almost unrecognizable now from that first season.

Bummed you had that experience with the community. I definitely see aholes pop up a bit too frequently but by in large I genuinely still think its still a really positive community (especially relative to others in games). It might be worth checking out some of their new-er shows and stuff? Their weekly anime show “fan service” is a good example of a new “good” thing.

[For the record I hated Lazer team haha]

Oh, no, I still watch RWBY. I stay up-to-date for criticism’s sake and because I do like some of the characters, namely Qrow, despite how shitty his English VA is.

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This sounds horrible because Rooster Teeth is just generally god awful when it comes to animation (partly from overwork, as pointed out earlier). It doesn’t help that they don’t seem to have anyone around who can actually write anything besides comedy, and it’s been a long few years since the hey day or Red Vs. Blue. Also blah blah blah anime word meaning digression blah blah blah.

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I still have a bunch of friends in the fandom, myself. They’re pretty cool and I’ve known them all for years now, despite some issues. I do like some of the employees there who do and make good stuff, but the overall shitiness is a Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 for me. Like, I’m black and not cis, so you can see how their “mistakes”, like blackface, using the n-word and t-slur, might bother me. I don’t know, man, they put on a pretty, forward-facing front, but when problematic behavior isn’t held up to account and turns into a problem, I just can’t fuck with that.


I might check some of their stuff out, I am always looking for treadmill shows.

The community definitely burned me, there was a period of time especially with AH they did some creepy things (Geoff and Gavin had some problematic moments). Like Geoff and Gavin’s game where the objective was to follow cute girls until another cute girl crossed your path (I think those were the rules) or their propensity to make rape jokes. I make journal posts criticizing them for those kinds of things, defending people who were offended by the rape jokes and I was attacked relentlessly by the burgeoning meninists and the self-proclaimed anti-PC protectors of comedy.

I got out, made my peace with RT not being what it once was and it’s community along with it. I made my friends, still pretty close to Dylon from Internet Box Podcast who turned out pretty good considering what IBP was.


Yeah, and even their comedy is garbage, to be honest. Like, Camp Camp has a character whose whole thing is looking and acting like Hitler, without the explicit bigotry. He has a little mustache and everything. I’ve seen some real fucked fanfiction written between him and a canonically Jewish character. It’s bad.

This whole thread is a revelation to me because I promptly forgot that Rooster Teeth existed after watching the first “season” of Red vs Blue and that was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago

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16th season just started a few weeks ago!! haha but yaa they have come a looooong way since https://www.austinchronicle.com/screens/2018-05-11/how-rooster-teeth-became-an-online-phenomenon/ Not many creators made it out of that pre-youtube era.

Same. I’m like weren’t these the guys that kept showing up when I searched up Warthog grenade jump videos on LimeWire? I mean, if RT is still around, the internet could at least have the decency to keep Homestar Runner alive.

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I haven’t seen CC in some time, so you’ll have to forgive me for accidental misinformation, but here. It could be worse, but like. It’s bad.

I am now struck with a very distinct memory of a Warthog Grenade Launch video that was set to Blur’s “Song 2”

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A pox on those that didn’t time the first explosion with “Woo-hoo!”

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It’s too bad that the two biggest dubbing studios (for Funimation and Sentai) are purportedly non-union, because it would be great to hear him in a current action show. As it is, I guess it’s this or doing movie dubs for a major studio (none of which really do anime anymore – GKids has all the Ghibli stuff now).

Let the warthog make the jump
Let the warthog make the jump
Let the warthog make the jump
Let the warthog make the * cymbal cymbal cymbal * :boom:

… ahhhhh so that’s why Chris Sabat does everything.