Monster Hunter Generations - Looking for Hunters

Seeing as Double Cross will be coming to Switch this summer, I’m dusting off my 3DS and getting back into Monster Hunter Generations. I thought it would be nice to get some friend code sharing going on here to find people to hunt with.

If you’d be into playing with other Waypointers, post your 3DS friend code, what you use, and the kinds of hunts you’re looking to get into (and whatever else you feel like saying, I guess).

Ok, so my friend code is 2165-5765-9128, and my username is Eric. I’m at HR 55, and I’m primarily an Aerial Insect Glaive user, but I like switching things up if I’m just goofing around or going through low rank hunts.

By the way, I’m also totally open to helping new players learn and get into the game too, in case you want to see what MH is all about but don’t know where to start. Hit me up on here if you’d like a sherpa!

Hope to hunt with some of you soon!

Yooo this is the exact thing I was hoping to find today. Too bad it looks like there weren’t many bites, posted in May and zero responses? Well I hope you still play Generations, cause I’ve finally been getting into it!

My code is 2638-4906-9172
Name is Earthcube.

I think I’m hr…1? I have access to 3* quests in the villages, I haven’t touched hub quests yet. Basically I have no idea what I’m doing lol.
I like to tell myself I main guild glaive but I actually play aerial bow more than anything.

Hey! Definitely, I’ve gotten a bit rusty since posting this, but it’d be a nice excuse to dip back in and prep for MH World.

I’ll shoot you a friend request. When do you typically play?

If anyone is playing Monster Hunter XX for Switch and wants to do some low rank online, let me know. I haven’t even touched the online mode in this game yet so I am HR1, but I’m about to start 5* village quests to give you an idea of where I am.

Hmm! Evenings I guess, I’m in Eastern time zone. I feel like I’m not very consistent though lol. Maybe this was a fool’s errand.
I’m most likely to be in the hub after 6 pm but before 11, I guess.

As for XX I wish I could afford a Switch but I: can’t. Also I don’t love playing games in languages I can’t read. I’ve tried it long ago and it was a bummer.

It’s definitely a nuisance playing a game in a language you don’t understand, even a game like Monster Hunter that isn’t story heavy. For the most part it isn’t a big deal, but I usually choose which meal to eat at random since I can’t be bothered to look up the skills it gives, and sometimes I don’t find out I’m supposed to capture a monster instead of kill it until I open the blue box and find an EZ trap in there.

A bit OT, but do you think you are going to play Monster Hunter World at all? And if so what platform would you be playing on? Because I’d be happy to run a few hunts w/ you during the beta, and when the full game releases.

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I totally let this thread drop a bit from my mind - my B. I’m definitely going to be playing World though - on PS4 until the PC version comes out.

Probably going to try and set up a Waypoint squad if nobody’s done it by the time I get off work on Friday. Excited to play with some of you if you decide to hop on!

Will definitely be playing World, just gotta save up for it. I’ll be back here once I have my copy to get those sweet deets off ya, because I deffo want in

Whoops sorry I didn’t see this, and I missed all the betas!
I’ll be getting the PS4 version, and will drop back in here with my psn once I have my copy.

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Got mh world! Add me I’m earthcube on psn

Are there any PS4 waypoint squads set up? My psn is hhhealthy, and would love to find people to play with.