Motherboard 2: 404 Media

Just thought folks here might be interested in a new site springing up from the ashes of Vice. They (Jason Koebler, Emanuel Maiberg, Joseph Cox, and the inimitable Samantha Cole) were inspired by Waypoint Plus to start an independent company where they’ll do the tech reporting that they were known for at Motherboard: right to repair, surveillance state, ethical porn, disinformation, and hacking. I don’t see any articles about right wing extremism/radicalization on the site yet, but that was one of their old beats so I presume it’s coming. Top story this week (IMHO) is a FOIA report about the viral ‘cop slide’ video from a few weeks ago:

Of course Sam Cole is still reporting on the frontiers of sexuality and the internet (NSFW, not linked). And Cox broke this story about on-demand doxxing of… just about anybody:

After Vice broke the Motherboard RSS because it was hurting traffic (question mark?), I haven’t been keeping up with tech news lately so this is great for me (yes they have an RSS feed). Maybe check the site out if you liked their work.