Music Videos For Animated Cartoons

This is one of my favorite songs as a part of an experiment Cartoon Network did using various musicians for their properties

And here’s another one:

And here’s Coolio with some cartoons:

I loved Sublime’s cover of the Hong Kong Phooey theme.

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As far as Teen Austin was concerned, this was the height of the art:

32 year old Austin may still agree, unfortunately.


this is probably my favourite AMV that doesn’t fall under the “guilty pleasure” category


EDIT: I’ve always been partial to this Lazerhawk song someone AMV’d up with Riding Bean:


Yo, the CN Groovies bumpers that Cartoon Network had back in the early 2000’s we’re great and I have to give them props for actually introducing me a some music back when I was like 10 which is pretty cool, at least for a TV station that basically had no reason to do that. The Apples in Stereo one always stuck with the most for whatever reason.

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the ultimate secret purpose of waypoint forums is to find every single possible context to post this video in, isn’t it

I mean

I’d be okay with that.

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It is shocking to suddenly be reminded that Cowboy Bebop was made in 4:3, my brain insists that it’s too cinematic not to be in widescreen.

I include the following video not for it’s quality (I don’t think Kid Rock’s Cowboy holds up well at all), but because it was the first time a lot of us had ever seen mouth re-synch in an AMV. It was at… either A-Cen or Katsucon, I’m not sure which, several hundred people in a hotel ballroom, and on the first “Coww-boyy Bayy-bayy” everybody exploded, by the time it got to the “Love and Peace” insert you’d have thought TM Revolution had just showed up for a free concert, that’s how hyped the room was.

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This is really nice. I just loved stuff like this. The previous videos I posted (maybe not so much the Coolio video. Did not age well) helped me really get into hip hop for the first time.

This one is violent but it is also really really good, imo. Spoiler it’s from the new Lupin Film about Hudson Hawk trying to kill Goemon.

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Forgot about this masterpiece:

I loved the “Jabberjaw” …ska? song that they played. I remember searching high and low for a download that wasn’t video camera quality back in the day.

Also the yogi bear song was my introduction to melodic noise rock??? I remember being off-put by the song the first time I heard it, but then always watching it when it was on, because the visuals are about as disturbing as you can get using only yogi bear clips. At one point they rapidly switch between yogi swinging a hammer and yogi bent over, so it looks like yogi is bashing his brains out. Shit is weird.

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