Near-impossible to see links in dark mode

Hey there,

I find that the regular theme for Waypoint’s site is too bright so I prefer to use the dark theme instead. However, the color of the text and the color of the links in this mode are almost identical to me. For an example this link text is nearly impossible to distinguish from the color of the actual text body.

I find that I end up scrubbing entire posts with my mouse to find any unclicked links anyone has posted and if it weren’t for the click-through counter I probably wouldn’t even realise most things were links at all. Could we get some better color distinction between the hyperlink color and the body color?


Why web designers so afraid of underline links is beyond me.

On mine the text is white and the links are the blue green waypoint color so they’re fairly distinct. Are you using add-ons in your browser that might be modifying it by chance?

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I also find them very distinct. But maybe colour-blindness could trick some people up. Underlining is usually a good thing, I agree.

I only use three plugins and none of them affect anything on the site.

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into new features and theming in the upcoming weeks.


Just to clarify, is this in regards to the forum? @Lilly

It’s just for the forum. I don’t know if the main site has a dark theme and I can distinguish fine with the actual website’s color scheme.

So it doesn’t look like this?

Yeah, that’s what I see, super high visibility. It’s a similar value though, which makes me wonder if it might be a specific colorblind accessibility thing? Even then, the value is… a bit different? I could see it being subtle.

It looks exactly like that. (Yes I am colorblind)


If it is a color blind cause then that would probably explain it but @Lilly didn’t mention they were so I didn’t want to be rude and suggest that.

Given that bit of information, what colors work best? I had to research a bit to see what might work but there are several different severities of that condition. If you don’t mind sharing, either here or in PM on how to help create a friendly colorblind palette, I’d be happy converse with you on that end. It might take a bit of time to get it together, but I will make sure that we can provide that option for those who wish to use it for better enjoyment on the forums.



I didn’t think what I said warranted a rude comment on how to Google color palettes. I only asked for feedback in the nicest way possible to help create a theme that’s friendly to the OPs issue. I have looked up colorblind friendly palettes but wanted to open the discussion to the OP. I’m here to help the community as are the other moderators of their own volition. Please keep that in mind while making comments of this nature.

Thank you.


I think the main problem is that the green is a light color accompanied by a similarly light tone of grey. If there was more distinction between the two in this theme that would help a lot, probably.

Just as an example in the element inspect I changed the text hex value from #dfdfdf to #fff (aka pure white) and I can see the link somewhat better (it’s not perfect but I can definitely distinguish it well enough to spot links).

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