Nicky Case's New Game Examines Why We Should all Stop Being Such Bastards

It's time for some (real) game theory.

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I so love Case’s games. <3

This one in particular is their best work yet as the story and flow is simple, cute, and outright informational without getting snagged on the usual problems with simplifying concepts.

I’ve had to share this one in particular with my siblings so they can share it with their kids. There’s always going to be jerks and people who want to take advantage over you, but having forgiveness will let you break out the punish cycle that humans always want to give into.

Wow that game is amazing.

Weirdly, I stumbled across Case’s work for the first time last night (and it wasn’t this game but we become what we behold and coming out simulator). All of these games are really interesting and the evolution of trust is a great exploration of game theory.

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I love Nicky Case’s games. I’ll be sure to check this out!